Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Being set to right and the (big) little things

Now that New Year's has come and gone, our house is finally set back to "right" again. All the little glittery decorations taken down and packed away for next December.

Usually when there is a holiday I tend to go on a major cleaning spree. This year I tried to get some major cleaning done between Yule and New Year's and realized that I have been slacking off a lot in that department. Have you ever had one of those moments while you're cleaning and think to yourself "We must be the most disgusting people in the neighborhood?" Yeah, I had quite a few moments just like that.

So after scrubbing the my kitchen walls with 2 magic eraser sponges and mopping the kitchen floor twice (and realizing that we woefully need to replace the base molding in there and add a second coat of paint to the walls) I've decided that I need to try to do at least one full-on cleaning thing a day in order to keep up with everything without hurting myself.

I still have 9 weeks left on my leave of absence, and I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished in that time. To be honest, doing little projects for the house really does make me feel better - at least emotionally - so I'm going to plug along with that as well.

I'm not making it a resolution, or even a promise to myself. It's more of an "it would be nice" kind of thing. I know realistically things come up, there are days when I'll be too tired or in too much pain to do much else than think about it, but it's a start. Now, if only the hubs would jump on board...

There are a few projects I'd like to tackle this year, like refinishing our dressers and repainting finishing our bedroom, but that will depend on a lot of factors - mostly time and energy. I think for now, just making a list of what I'd like to get done would be good. It would just be a guideline, something to try and motivate me to be a little more active, and hopefully motivate the hubs a little too.