Friday, April 19, 2013

Seriously? More kitchen stuff?

Yesterday a miraculous thing happened.

It was if the Universe decided that for once I could have my way. When I opened my inbox I found an email from Home Depot touting the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation  kits were on sale for 50% off. (FYI - the sale is over now)

I almost spit coffee on my screen.

So, for $35 a kit, I could *finally* redo my cabinets. The only problem was - would Garry go for it?

There has been a long-standing issue with the cabinets. Personally, I think they are too dark. The lighting in the kitchen is terrible as-is and the dark brown cabinets don't help the situation. The odd thing is - the wood stain doesn't match anything in the house. The cabinets are more than likely the original ones installed when the house was build in 1955, but they aren't of such a high quality that it would be a crime to redo them.

Also, more practically speaking, when I scrubbed the cabinets recently, some of the finish started coming off. While the stain is a warm dark brown color, the wood underneath it is kinda orangey. Blech.

With this information I sent the link to Garry to see what his reaction would be. He has been very outspoken against painting the cabinets since we bought the house. He also tends to like dark, cave-like colors and was slightly annoyed that I wanted to repaint the olive green kitchen a lighter color.

Obviously, I was a little apprehensive.

But, by the grace of the DIY gods, Garry was oddly okay with me purchasing the kit(s) to redo the kitchen with the glazed version of pure white (which was one of the three colors on sale). I bought two kits just in case (knowing I can always take one back if I don't need it).

For about $100 (assuming I'll need two kits, and for brushes) I'll *hopefully* be able to turn my very dark, black-hole of a kitchen into something lighter and brighter. Not sure when we'll get around to it, but I'm hoping over the course of the next few months.