Thursday, May 17, 2012

Well, what started as a sore throat turned into a week-long illness (that, admittedly I'm still getting over) that involved a fever, a lot of coughing, a sore chest and more mucus than I thought my body was capable of producing. I mean seriously? How does that happen?!

My fever finally broke late last night/sometime this morning. I woke up and felt slightly more capable of functioning than I had all week, so I went into work. It's been a CRAZY day so far, but I'm starting to get a bit worn out and figured I'd write here for a few minutes to give my brain a "break" from all the hard stuff.

This week we got quite a bit of rain, which my plants are eternally thankful for. My Japanese maple is looking much better and my rose of sharon is leafing beautifully. Even my iris is starting to bud - yay!

This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous weather-wise and I'm hoping to feel up to actually getting some gardening done. The bed needs to be weeded and since some of the wood squill had died back, I can replant them. I'm also hoping to plant my lilies too. I'm not sure if that's going to be more than I can handle or not - we'll just have to see.

I also noticed that some of my tulips are sending up more shoots. Odd. I didn't know they did that. Hm. Maybe we'll have more tulips later on this spring.

Garry will hopefully get around to fixing the huge hole in our tub surround today (where the soap dish just fell out) and get to refinishing the tub next week before he starts working for the summer.

Augh, it's not even mid-day yet and I'm already exhausted.

Oh, on a good note, the weed and feed we bought for our front lawn really helped a lot. Very excited about that! Now we don't have a ton of dandelions in our yard  for the dog will eat. The grass seed we planted in the backyard is also growing nicely (due to all the rain, I'm sure) so we'll get back there with the weed and feed once the grass really establishes itself - then we can have a nice, lush lawn. YAY!

For some reason, I'm feeling like everything has been put "on hold," especially since just getting sick this weekend. Maybe it's because Garry has spent half of his week off taking care of me instead of getting projects done like we had planned - or maybe because I'm not well enough yet to take care of some of these things. I mean, I have a million plans for projects that should get done this year (as you can see in previous posts), but to be honest, I'm not really sure how it's all going to get done.