Monday, May 7, 2012

Random project starts and some lawn maintenance

It's been a crazy few weeks with us! I have been terrible about posting, but other than taking care of our puppy Auron and just getting through the day, we haven't really finished much of anything.

Now that we're getting a proper amount of rain, out lawn is finally starting to grow - along with all of the weeds.  *grumble* On Saturday we picked up some weed and feed and grass seed to remedy some of the lawn problems we've been having.

If you remember, last fall we spent some time working on our front lawn. We had a giant blue spruce taken town and we had to lime the area where all the pine needles were and plant some grass seed. Well, that part of the yard looks pretty good, but now the rest of the yard doesn't look anything like it. Womp womp. So we bought a seed spreader, some grass seed so we can "overseed" the lawn and some weed and feed to kill off the weeds that are growing everywhere in our yard.

What we did was seed the backyard (it's really sparse!) and then used the weed and feed in the front lawn. Hopefully we'll start seeing a difference in a few days.

Our flower bed is starting to die out. Boo! Unfortunately, the bulbs I chose weren't ones that necessarily last very long. At some point we'll be pulling those out, dividing them, and replanting them in other places in our front garden area and replacing them with some longer-lasting flowering shrubs and rose bushes. I'm thinking of getting some azalea and possibly peony to go with the roses, not sure yet.

I'm also dreaming of some ideas to fence in my perennial garden in our backyard, mainly because everything I want to plant is poisonous to dogs and I don't want anything bad happening to my little fur baby. I would love to have an arbor as well...

Oh so many projects... I think for now just getting the large pine tree out and the non-poisonous shrubs in will make a huge difference. I think if we start from the back fence line and work our way outwards it will help us decide how big our perennial garden should be (I could realistically take up half of the yard if I'm not careful). I also want to plant a flowering dogwood tree in the back right-hand corner (there's a clothesline pole there now) which will take up a considerable amount of space and will change what I can and can't plant in there.

What I *really* need is to give my list of plants I want to plant to someone and have them draw up a plan. I'm not terribly good with outdoor designing I guess.

Also in the backyard we're working on putting the fire pit in! Yay! Finally! We have all of the materials, now just for a few days of warm, sunny weather where we're not busy... which means, we'll be lucky if we get it done before fall.

Right now the stones are just stacked where they need to be. We still have to mortar the stones together (one on top of the other so we have 6 sections of 2 stacked stones) and then make sure they're level in the ground before mortaring them together and adding the decorative cap stones. We also need to find a metal grate per local fire regulations.

Oh, I *did* recently finish a project at the house too... I'll post photos and the tutorial on that. :)