Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bathroom redo

So much for no major projects until fall...

We are having a few issues with our bathtub area. First off - when the previous owner re-glazed the tub they didn't do it completely properly and now the paint is peeling off. It's constantly stopping up the tub (not clogging it thankfully) and it just looks bad. Plus, the color is a dirty cream color. Blech.

The soap holder is also having a hard time staying in place. It fell off for the second time three days ago. On top of that we're having issues with other tiles coming off because they weren't sealed properly when they were installed.

Cue sad face. :(

For the time being we were just going to "deal with it." Garry was still finishing up school, looking for a job and we weren't really sure what the heck we were going to do for income over the summer. Thankfully, yesterday Garry was offered a job (YAY!) and this morning he found that the school deposited his tuition assistance in his bank account - to the tune of $1200. Sweet!

So now we're going into full-on bathroom planning mode. It will take a few steps to get where we want (um, a lot actually) but getting the tub squared away is going to be the easiest part (next to painting the walls) since the rest of the renovation involves tearing down walls and moving plumbing and electric. Tile is something we can handle without too much issue.

I absolutely love the pebble tile in our kitchen and I wanted to continue with that idea in the bathroom. Unfortunately, our only bathroom in the house is kind of tiny so using stone in such a tiny enclosed space will only make the tub surround feel even smaller than it already is.

I ran across this post and knew that this was what I wanted to do.

Garry and I can tile like champs and since we handled the pebble tile fairly well I think this won't be that much more difficult. What I'll need to do first is find the glass stones I want to use and then figure out how much I will need (basically get one bag and lay them out to see how many bags I need). Then it's just to buy the thinset, grout and sealer. I have a feeling we will also need to get new cement board. We will also need a new faucet, handles and shower head.

I'm figuring that this project will end up being around $600. I'm hoping less, but with these things you can never tell until you start pricing things out.