Monday, April 16, 2012

A vacation from my vacation

Last week I took a "working" vacation (meaning, I still had to get work done, but I could do it from home) to welcome our little puppy Auron to the household. Folks, raising a puppy isn't for the faint of heart, or the light-sleeper, or so I have learned.

Yep, all of this furry cuteness has been doing everything from desperately trying to master potty training (he's trying so hard, it's just that Garry and I don't move nearly as fast as he does, and he sometimes gets "distracted" when we take him outside. 

But for the most part, he is a good dog. He really is. When he's sacked out on the couch (and yes, we intentionally let him on the couch, he has to learn how to cuddle properly somehow) he's the sweetest looking thing ever. 

But don't let that sweet little face fool you - he's a ball of mischief wrapped in cuteness. We love him just the same though, even if some nights I wish that I'll wake up tomorrow and he'll be a 5-year-old couch-potato dog.

He's already gained a few pounds since we got him on Monday - he's very quickly becoming a tank of a dog. By the time he's finished growing, he'll be around 80 lbs.

Today was my first day back at my office after taking my "vacation." Somehow I managed to get caught up on everything and I'm really thinking that taking a nap would be the best thing ever. Sublime even. However, that won't happen. 

We're putting a bunch of projects on hold for a while to adjust to life with a puppy (and learning how to get things done in while still taking proper care of him) but I have a few small things lined up as soon as I can get more than a few hours sleep a night.