Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Clean all the things - Day 2

Day 2 brought us the "organizing of the sunroom" event. We went through everything and ended up being able to get rid of a bunch of stuff. There were a few small items AJ left behind that we'll have to get to him, but now our sunroom is pretty much free of 8 million boxes of stuff.

The trash collectors are going to HATE us this week.

Now the room just needs to be vacuumed and some decorative things added.

We also found out that we need a new bookshelf. It was just a little cheap one from who-knows-where that Garry had before we moved in together. I think at some point this summer we'll build a decent-sized sturdy bookshelf to put in there. That would be really nice.

Right now we just have a small wicker loveseat and a coffee table. Not particularly conducive to having people over. This is supposed to be a "fun" room where we can hang out, have coffee wine, play our instruments or whatever. Eventually it will become a playroom for when we have a kiddo, but that's far enough away from now that we can use it as our adult playroom!

Here's what I'm thinking.

I haven't decided if I want to get a bench and two papasan chairs or get the double papasan chair and two slipper chairs. Hmmm... decisions decisions...

Granted it will be a while before this happens. For now we'll just have to make do with the folding chairs we have. Boo... so not comfy!

The other piece of gorgeous we'll have to wait for are the star sconces. I haven't been able to find something like that anywhere for very cheap. :( I love the idea of something shiny like that on the wall. I also want to include some decorative elements here and there too. The biggest problem is that the floor is on a slope, so sometimes that proves to be difficult. I'd love some hanging baskets, but with a drop ceiling, sometimes that can look kind of ugly, so we'll go with a few sturdy plant stands at various heights.

The fabric squares on there I already have. I made 4 panels (now in the bedroom) in the yellow/blue fabric (we can put them on either end of the sunroom for privacy and leave the windows facing the yard open) and the other fabric I haven't done anything with yet, but it will probably turn into throw pillows.

I'm also not  sure on the candle-screen either. We'll have to see. The room is fairly narrow and long, so it will depend on how we style the room overall. I'd like to have a nice oval-shaped coffee table made out of a tree stump and a slice of tree. That might be a while too, as I don't know when Raine will be clearing trees at Nemeton.

Oh sunroom... I have so many good ideas for you and yet so little money with which to do them with...

But back to Clean All the Things Week. Today we're going to finish up the laundry, vacuum (and fuss with) the sunroom dust the bedrom and clean the fridge. Tomorrow we're going to go ALL out and clean the floors/baseboard/windows/cabinets along with Garry scrubbing the bathroom within an inch of its' life.

Friday morning will be some last-minute decorating before I go and get Tavis and Conrad.

OH - our puppy is coming a day earlier! We'll be saying hello to our sweet little Auron on Monday!

He's already getting so big!!!