Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Clean all the things - Day 1

After work I stopped by the store and grabbed some cleaning supplies along with a few other bits to help with organization - and of course - groceries.

Oh, I also picked up a small trash can to put next to the litter box. Why? Well, let's just say that scooping the cat box is not on the "favorite chore" list for either of us and sometimes it can go... well... without attention for a few days. I know, it's gross. So I figured by having the trash can right there every time someone goes in there to use the bathroom they can scoop the litter box too. Might as well right? And that will help keep it nice and clean (and less likely that Auron will have litter box crunchies to eat).

I was also thinking of making a sign to go in that area that says:

"If you're here to pee or poop, lend a hand and give the litter a scoop."

It's a little weird... but then again, so are Garry and I.

On the agenda last night was to pick up and sort all the laundry, move the dresser we were letting AJ borrow back into our room and put Garry's clothes in it (we have been sharing a dresser for the last 6 months). I also rummaged around and found some artwork for one of the wall shelves. It's by no means complete, but after I get a chance to really go through everything this week, I'll have some more items up on the walls in that room.

Garry also thought it would be a good idea (and it was) to organize the garage and get rid of all the garbage that's been piling up in there (not "gross" garbage, but things like empty paint cans, boxes, scraps from projects etc.)

We also have a brand-shiny new stainless Kenmore vent that we'll be putting on craigslist. The way our kitchen is built doesn't necessarily work well for a vent and even if we *do* decide to install one later on, it will be quite some time before that happens.

Tonight we'll be getting through the laundry extravaganza and hopefully I can convince Garry that the back splash really needs to be tended to. Also, moving the small tv and stand to the basement so I can watch tv and start using my elliptical. Now that I'm not sick anymore, I don't really have an excuse to not workout.

Also on the agenda for tonight is cleaning off my dresser and making the bedroom look a little more "presentable," this also includes finding a new spot to put Auron's dog crate. There will be some decorating mojo tonight!

Tomorrow we'll be moving items in the attic (or basement) that are currently piled up in the sunroom. I'm also hoping that Garry will take some time to pick up all his models and what not in the basement area. Eventually we need to really scrub down there, but not until we're ready to install the sub-floor. I'm also hoping he'll be the dear and loving husband I know he is and clean the fridge.

Thursday will be the BIG CLEAN - oh yes... there will be mopping, cleaning baseboard, dusting and scrubbing the bathroom within an inch of its' life. It will be... interesting.

Friday morning will be mostly "primping" the house and then Friday afternoon will begin our crazy weekend and spring break! We're so excited!