Thursday, April 5, 2012

Clean all the things - Day 3

Day 3's progress was laughable at best.

I had all the best intentions in the world, but managed to get side-tracked again. I was vacuuming our sunroom after throwing a load of laundry in the wash and was feeling all sorts of productive when the vacuum cleaner just stopped working. Like "oh, yep, I'm done now."

Of course, this sent me into a wee bit of a panic as I really didn't want to buy a new vacuum cleaner right now.

So, instead of completely freaking out, I just moved on to something else, like wandering around my house aimlessly because vacuuming the sunroom and doing laundry was on my agenda for the day and even though there was a LOT more that needed to get done, I was too thrown off to continue with the list.

Then Garry came home and it started to work again. Stupid vacuum.

Oh, I did manage to dust the ottoman and wipe down the counter top. Not a huge feat really.

My dear friends Raine and Kal came over for dinner and wine and we had a grand time. Garry and I were working on writing songs after they left and that, my friends, is where my evening went. Eventually we went to bed (after I had a little teensy-weensy bit more wine that I probably should have) around 11:30. At least the laundry made it into the dryer at some point.

I'm really hoping today Garry remembers to clean the bathroom. It's pretty bad folks. See, we didn't have a vent in there until February and while it was summer/fall we could keep the window open in our bathroom to let all the shower steam out, but when it got to be winter and cold, not so much. So we have some mildew that needs to be addressed. Yuck!

The fridge also needs to be tended to along with organizing and packing all of Garry's military uniforms (as they're laying on the guest bed right now). I have a feeling that it's going to be a long night - luckily I have tomorrow off so I can sleep in get more done tomorrow morning before I go pick up Tavis and Conrad.

I had some crazy dreams last night too. Usually when that happens I'm pretty exhausted the next day. Yeah, that happened today too. Augh. Accomplishing anything today will be a feat. I should probably have some more coffee as apparently one cup isn't going to do me any good.