Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring cleaning

The last time our house had a good "scrub down" was probably before we moved in. Seriously folks, it's pretty bad. So this week is officially "Clean all the things" week. 

Funny enough, I can totally see my blog looking very similar to Hyperbole and a Half. Oh... it would be hilarious. 

Anyway, all the things must be cleaned. We're talking scrubbing the floor with an actual mop (and not just a steam mop) wiping down the baseboards... you know, that kind of stuff. 

I have a fairly decent arsenal of cleaning supplies at the house too along with a thing of baking soda and a few gallon jugs of vinegar. Vinegar is awesome. You can use it on anything... and it reminds me of being at the fish and chips shop in London. 

So today I'll be stopping by the store to grab the mop, bucket, a small trash can (to scoop cat "crunchies" into so our bathroom doesn't smell and the dog doesn't try to get a "snack" out of the litter box) and some odor neutralizing candles and what-nots. 

Our house doesn't smell, but having something like that in the bathroom is kind of nice - because sometimes for brief periods - the bathroom can be a smelly place. 

Also, we have to wipe down all of that extra grout. Yeah, still haven't gotten to that yet and I'm not so sure it's going to actually come off now. We also need to caulk that edge and de-grease the cabinet faces really well. 

AJ has officially moved out of the house. I'll admit it's a little weird. Yesterday I made the bed and pulled a few decorative little things out from hiding and put them on the shelves. I also opened the curtains and blinds (which were always drawn... what is it with men and wanting to live in a cave?) to let some sunlight in. 

Garry will be moving the boxes in the sunroom back up to the attic so we can actually use that room (yay!) and put our musical instruments in there. The room is great for when Garry and I want to practice our violins or have folks over to jam. We finally have lighting in there and we are planning on moving our little electric fireplace out there so we can stay warm. 

It's going to take ALL week to get the cleaning done that needs to happen... maybe even longer. I'm not really sure. We're trying to get it all done before Tavis comes to visit. That will kick of a whirlwind of events from visiting with family and friends out of town our puppy's arrival! 

Isn't he the cutest thing EVER?!

Garry and I went shopping on Saturday with my friend Judy to grab some more puppy stuff for Auron. $250 later and we arrived home with a good haul of toys, treats, food and other necessities like a poop scoop, bins on casters for dry food (for the dogs and kitties), a bed (which the cats have claimed) and a nice, new scratching post for the kitties so they don't feel left out. We actually got a pretty good deal considering the haul and the very high-quality dog food my mom feeds him is pretty expensive. 

The kitties also celebrated their 6th birthday yesterday! Well, we're not entirely sure when their birthdays actually are, but we figured April 1 is as good of a day as any - and it's easy to remember.