Monday, April 2, 2012

Hanging, cleaning and a break from major DIY

We finally got the items on the accent wall (that we have now - I have plans to add more down the line though) and after the major cleaning extravaganza on Monday, the house is looking pretty good.

The floors need a major mop and polish though... eeep!

And while we're loving how open the room feels, it almost feels a little "too" open. Well, more like unbalanced. When you walk in the house you immediately see our massive sectional couch. Even though it's just Garry and I (and AJ until Sunday), we use the heck out of that thing. So, even though it's probably a little too big for the room, until we get the basement rec room squared away (which will probably be a few years, much to Garry's dismay) this will be the flow of the room.

As you can see, the couch is just shoved to the corner. I'm thinking if we pull it out like we did when we first moved in...

Ack! Crazy mirrors!!!!

...maybe it will look a little better and more "centered." We could also build a sofa table to go on the chaise side of the couch with a built-in little nook. Maybe?

I haven't made any decisions yet...

I also think once we get the bright white crown and baseboard up it will look really nice. Although, that may mean moving the curtain rods and the shelves down a bit to balance it out... haha... Garry will NOT be thrilled as hanging things on walls is one of the "banes of his existence."