Thursday, November 1, 2012

Now back from our weather delay...

I have to say, we were incredibly fortunate to not be bludgeoned by Hurricane Sandy at the beginning of the week. My heart goes out to the folks downstate, in New Jersey and other areas that were severely damanged. Last year we dealt with Hurricane Lee (just days after our wedding!) and our area was devestated - many folks are still recovering on a lot of different levels.

It makes my stomach drop just thinking about it.

Since our house also managed to come away unscathed (I was really worried about our roof), I can go back to Operation: Paint All the Things and Garry can go back to shaking his head at me.

This weekend I'm hoping to get my table spray painted. While we have it dismantled and in the garage, we're also planning on buying and installing the tracks for the wall-o-shelves that will go above my table. It will look like this (but in my office):

Photo from Our Vintage Home Love

Now just imagine a 6ft long version of those shelves. I'm getting excited just thinking about it! 

Since the availalbility of the gorgeous solid walnut is not going to happen, we're going to buy some pine boards, rough em' up a bit, sand down the edges, and stain them the antique walnut color and give them a nice waxed finish. They will look lovely... 

Okay, let's be honest - I really want these shelves in just about every room in my house. That's how much I love them. I'd love (lovelovelovelove) them in my kitchen (which I already have plans for on our weird, long wall), and in my bathroom in the weird little alcove. 

I also need to find some sort of rug and make my curtain. The room "echos" still, which is really annoying. I think once I get those shelves up, get the "bits and pieces" up, and find (or build) a decent-sized bookshelf, it will echo a lot less.