Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And the money kept pouring out...

I'm actually afraid this is a fairly literal title.

Now that I had the budget put together for our attic renovation, I found out that our bathroom is still leaking into the basement. Awesome. So a plumber is coming to the house today to check it out.

Two of our friends have a landscaping business and Garry hired them to take out the enormous shrub next to our stairs to the walkway. (And now it's a giant mud-hole until we decide what to do with it)

We're hiring someone to cut down the eye-sore of a pine tree in the backyard.

We switched homeowner's insurance companies (the company we were with before was incredibly expensive because we were having major renovations done and they were the only company that would cover us, so we switched to the same company our car insurance is with and it's about $800 a year cheaper, but we still had to pay for the year - even if it was only $360).

Garry's car nearly exploded yesterday. Luckily, not a terribly expensive fix, and he got new brakes and an oil change too, but it was another $300ish

I'm starting to look at our savings and start to whimper again. Depending on what happens with the plumber today we may be waiting a while to renovate the attic so our savings doesn't dwindle down to nothing. However, this does mean that if we have to do emergency surgery on the bathroom this weekend, I need to make a decision on tile. Augh. I hate being rushed into decisions like that... and I know Garry doesn't want to spend this weekend tiling the bath surround.

We'll see... I should know by 5 p.m. what's going on.