Monday, July 16, 2012

Window install and flooring plan

We're into full attic planning mode over here and so far everything looks as though we'll be coming in at a budget around $1,500 for what we're planning in this stage. Yeah, it sounds like a lot, but our attic is 28x19 in other words... it's enormous.

Unfortunately, the enormous attic only has 2 windows - one on either side. Boo. If we really wanted to splurge, we would install some skylights. That won't happen for quite some time, so we're not going to worry about it at this point. (Maybe eventually when we have to re-shingle the roof in like 8 years).

Tomorrow the window folks are coming to give us an estimate on replacement windows since the 2 windows we have are probably original and one is cracked. Yeah, not so attractive. We figured it would be easier to get the windows installed before doing anything else, that way no one has to do any real "demolition" work. Or they can tell us different. Whatever. We'll find out tomorrow. 

We're also working on getting the electric boxes installed. It's a relatively inexpensive project since we already have the electrical lines run up to the attic (they just need to be connected to the boxes and then screwed to the studs - easy peasy). Once the electric boxes are installed, we can start the drywall installation (by we I mean Garry and his friends - I'm more of the mudding and spackle specialist).

After all of that is sanded and happy, then I get to come in with the drywall primer and spend what will feel like a million years a weekend painting the primer onto the walls so when I finally decide on a color, the walls will be primed and ready for me.

Now, I've been thinking of installing bead board (like in our bathroom) on the knee walls of our attic. I think it could look interesting. Not only that, but I wouldn't have to prime the drywall. Sure I'd end up spending more money on the beadboard, but it would look really pretty. That would happen right after priming the gabled walls and ceiling.

Depending on how fast I can find a paint color (because there's so much to paint I'm really going to take my time picking a color, even though it is the "guest room" - you never know, we may decide to move up there!)   We may end up painting the color before installing the flooring. Right now there's a huge sale at one of our favorite hardware stores, so we're putting the cart before the horse a little bit to take advantage of the sale. We're debating on having the flooring color match the main floor and staircase (think orangey-oak color, which isn't *terrible* just not my first choice) or do a dark chestnut color.

We really strive for cohesiveness through the house with our style and materials, so matching the flooring color (as best as we can, since we're getting laminate floors and our main floors are hardwood) would achieve that (and mean we wouldn't have to do anything with the stairs) and make our lives possibly a little easier (maybe?). But, then again we could do something really cool with the staircase that would open up the upstairs flooring to do whatever color we want - and - eventually those floors downstairs will need to be refinished... and guess what color I'll want them done... (not the current color).

That's about as far as we'll get on this phase of the project. Things like light fixtures, decorative paint and other things will come later on and as we get the money saved up. The main goal is to get the room functional, not necessarily decorated yet.

But, that doesn't mean I haven't thought about it...

On the back wall (in the bedroom area) I want to do a built-in bookshelf. Garry will probably hate me forever for it, but I think it will look really nice.

Okay, this isn't the *best* photo (and it's before all the insulation was installed), but just imagine... 

I'm thinking built-in bookshelves on that wall and making them look really weathered (there are tons of tutorials online somewhere right?) and have some books and decorative stuff up there. The gabled walls and ceiling would all be painted the same color (probably somewhere in the very light blue/grey realm as I want to try and keep it neutral and really bring in some texture).

The very flimsy-looking railing at the bottom of the photo? Yep, that's going to be taken out and rebuilt so that it's larger and more reinforced. When we're done it will be a solid half-wall around the staircase (for safety reasons).

I also want a chandelier in the "bedroom" side of the room. Yeah, again... Garry said I could do whatever I want. I think he's going to regret saying that at some point.

Overall, I'm going with a similar "theme" I have with the rest of the house; neutral, but with lots of texture. I want to make space on the shelves for decorative pieces (we find interesting stuff that really reflects us once in a great while, but we have nowhere to put it). I also want a few flokati rugs for either side of the bed (imagine waking up to that every morning!) and a decent-sized cow hide rug to put at the foot of the bed and have a really grungy-looking old chest on top of it (to use for extra blanket and towel storage). If we can find a flat-topped chest I'd *love* to get a silver antique serving tray to put little "guest essentials" on it and a really cozy throw blanket.

Are you picturing this? Because the more I think about it, the more I want to be up there myself!

Because the knee walls are so short, we'd have to have a standing mirror, and I'd love to find an antique one if possible, as well as an old dresser that needs some love. Circular, industrial metal night stands would be ideal, and pair them with some textured glass lamps and natural linen colored drum shades.

Haven't really gotten anywhere with  the bed frame yet, but we'll cross that bridge eventually. I'm torn between wrought iron and upholstered. The linens I think I'll go with (again) something relatively simple. I have a duvet cover that I would love to do some woodblock stamping on - so it would end up looking like a simple henna print (probably just around the border or very sparingly throughout) and pair it with a set of paisley sheets. A simple, plain quilt would go nicely too. The summer months up there can get pretty warm and the winter a little chilly, so having options for folks to be comfortable is key.