Monday, July 30, 2012

Updated bathroom photos

Now that the tile situation has been taken care of in our bathroom, we're getting ready to start working on the next phase of the bathroom renovation project - paint.

But, I figured since we scrubbed the bathroom down yesterday, I'd take advantage of having a clean space and took some photos.

Please forgive me, this was early in the morning and the bathroom doesn't get the best light to begin with because of the tiniest window... you'll see it in one photo coming up.

Here's the finished tile in the shower. Not too shabby huh?

Okay, now for the not-so-great (but at least it's clean) photos:
Before (door leads to hallway)

Wow... I am fairly terrible at Photoshop...

Weird little alcove (we're hoping to move the toilet here)

More really bad photoshop... but you get the idea.

Wall where toilet and space saver thinggy are. Possibly put a shelf, artwork or some sort of storage here.

With toilet moved, new double-sink vanity and some storage

My very sad little vanity. Hoping to replace this guy with something else.

Okay... if you're drinking coffee or some other beverage, my suggestion to you is to swallow and set it down becuase seriously... my photoshop skills look more like MS Paint and... well, yeah... I can't believe I'm actually posting this to the web....

Yeah yeah.... okay... but you *get* the idea right? Distressed wood, vessel sink? No... well... yeah... okay, maybe it does look like an alien.... whatever.

Anyway, I think it could look really nice (and not at all like my MS Paint-like sketches) especially after I add the towel bars, storage and make a new shower curtain and get some very-much-desired fluffy monogramed towels. Also (not pictured) we would add a bathmat (made out of some natural material like river rock or teak) by the tub and a really fluffy mat for in front of the mirrors. Then again, I'm not sure how that will work out with the catbox being moved to under the sink...

Just to give you an idea of the proposed new layout is. It makes sense right? I love the idea of a double sink vanity - especially since we only have one bathroom right now and we usually have folks at out house.

(And - you know - I'm definitely saving my pennies for one of those automatic flushing cat litter boxes. You know, the ones that hook up to your plumbing that washes and recycles cat litter - meaning absolutely NO scooping. Whoever invented those, if you're reading this... you're my hero)