Monday, July 30, 2012

Bedroom redo

Even though we're working on our bathroom, I'm gearing up for our fall project - the bedroom.

Here are some before shots of our bedroom (while we were looking a the house):

Needless to say it wasn't really... "us."

Eventually I got around to repainting, lived with it for a while and I'm still just not feeling it. Maybe it's because we don't have any bedlinens that really "match." To be honest, it's kind of driving me crazy.

I mean, it's not "terrible," but it is... I don't know. It just neds something "more," or "less."

I really think just a lighter quilt would solve a lot of problems - as well as refinishing my dressers.

It doesn't help that we have Auron's huge crate to contend with. (Yeah, I know - that "A" is just kind of floating in space, but I was on a cleaning spree yesterday and I needed somewhere to put it... so on the wall it went).

So I'm thinking of doing a few things...

1. Repainting the room grey. Yeah, I know, it's the new "hot" color. Whatever. I don't care. The room is a little too saturated for me, so I'm hoping something more neutral that "goes" with the rest of the house will make me happier.

2. Making/purchasing new curtains. The current ones will be perfectly happy in the sunroom, which I'm not planning on painting. I'm thinking probably white, and more than likely something not entirely opaque. Our room doesn't get a ton of light, so we don't want to block it out all the time. Maybe some matchstick shades to provide privacy. Some lighter/brighter sheets wouldn't hurt things either.

See, they will look nice in here... even though this photo was taken before we moved in... we probably won't be ready to use the sunroom for a *while*

3. Adding bi-fold doors. Our closet doors were broken when we moved in so we have to replace them with new ones. I also personally love slatted bi-fold doors a lot more than the original sliding doors.

4. Art projects (yeah, I have them... no I haven't started them yet...) especially something for over our headboard... it's kind of driving me crazy.  

5. Buying lamps for our nightstands. I'm thinking something like colored glass so it doesn't seem like it's taking up so much physical real estate.

6. Refinishing the dressers. See, this is a hard one. I'm thinking of just refinishing them white, distressing them, spraying the handles with oil rubbed bronze finish and getting a new mirror for my dresser (well, we have a mirror, but we would need to frame it and find a way to hang it safely on the wall).

7. Crown molding. While we're at it - we need to replace ALL of the baseboard and trim too.

In other words, a lot of work to do over a length of time. I'm really feeling like doing some more projects now, so I might as well do them...

And the more I look at the photo of the sunroom, the more I want another papasan chair... I'm sure the kitties would totally agree with me.