Monday, August 20, 2012

Bathroom paint - and why I hate vanity lights

This Sunday I was determined to finish the bathroom. It had been a few weeks since I painted the beadboard and frankly, I was getting tired of all my bathroom stuff hanging out in my living room, impeding on me taking lovely photos of my house for our 1-year anniversary in the house post.

Of course, having 4 people, 2 dogs and 5 cats doesn't help either. I'm starting to understand why my mother would get so crazy over just having one room in the entire house stay clean.


So I finished painting the bathroom, finally. One of the biggest problems was that in order to paint near where the light fixture was, the fixture needed to be taken out. Let's just say the fixture wanted to be.... difficult. Let's also just say that I might have had a few choice words (growled just above my breath) for said  light fixture. Eventually the light fixture came down and I was able to continue painting. Unfortunately now we have to replace the light fixture because... well... it's a jerk and is broken.

One thing that doesn't make sense to me (and this happens every time I paint a room) is why on Earth people do some of the dumb things they do when building a house. For instance, in our house we have tons of doors and windows that are so close to the corner that the casing had to be trimmed length-wise to fit. The annoying part of that is that there was PLENTY of room to build the door frame a few inches over so you didn't have to put the casing in weird and make more work for yourself. I just don't get it. Just move the door over another inch. Why is that hard?!

I also think that there might actually be a pipe fixture (or something of that nature) already in the spot where we want to move our toilet. Standing in that area I can feel the outline of a circle with my feet. Hm, it might not be as difficult of a switch as we originally thought. However, I'm fairly certain we're going to have to redo the subfloor in there because there are places where I feel that it's warped. Boo! Not fun! It's about a million times worse because it's our ONLY bathroom in the entire house.

So getting back to the paint...

It looks really nice and clean. I am loving that the color looks more like sea glass in this room than it does in the kitchen. I'm seriously considering repainting the kitchen... it just doesn't feel... right. I don't know what I'm going to do yet, but it needs to "flow" and I'm not allowed to paint the cabinets. *grumble*