Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bedroom paint and tattoos

I've been thinking more and more about repainting our master bedroom - the deep blue is starting to "get" to me and even though I love bright colors and am fairly inspired by them, I'm just not "feeling it" in our bedroom.

I know the "popular" color right now is grey - or varying shades of it - but I've been feeling the grey color since we moved into our apartment over 2 years ago. The only reason I haven't painted my bedroom a grey color was because I live in upstate New York where for a good chunk of the year it's "grey" outside and I was worried that grey inside would just be too... blah.

I think I'm past that now, and I'm leaning toward a few really gorgeous soft grey colors. But, I can't have it be that simple right? Of course not. No, I need to make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Folks, this is what I want to accomplish:

Photo from

I saw this photo a while ago and realized that I was an idiot and didn't save the link in my favorites so I spent a while looking for it. I REALLY love this design. I mean really love it. Sooo... much love. You can find her how-to on this project here:

Also, I have a 50 lb. bucket of joint compound in my attic... so yeah all I need are the panels, nails and some glue. 

So, do that, but with light, soft grey walls. Yeah, i think that will be stunning. Not so sure how Garry will feel about it, but I may send him to a friend's house while I do it. Surprise honey! I completely redid our bedroom while you were gone!

I can only imagine the look on his face. 

Of course, this totally goes against the notion I have of installing paneling in my house. Then again, I installed it in the living room and I love it. I still don't quite understand how I got where I am now with actually liking paneling, but either way I'm hoping it will help our bedroom look a little more "something."