Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bathroom planning phase

Well, it looks like we're going to have a slight change in plans. 

My doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, I still need to go to the rheumatologist and decide on what I need to do as far as therapy is concerned, but in the meantime I've been checking out alternative ways to handle the pain associated with this condition. 

I was lucky enough that my friend Eithne let me soak in her enormous claw foot tub. It was the first time in about a month I felt like I could actually move. 

Unfortunately, it only lasted for a little while and as much as I know she's willing to help me out, I certainly don't want to be knocking at her door every day to take a bath. (Although, I do admit that I daydream about  bathing in that tub, it's like heaven in there!) 

Garry and I have decided that somewhere in our house we're going to install a large tub, at least large enough for me to soak in. 

The question is - do we want to do this in the attic or in the basement? Installing a bathroom in the attic would be a lot easier (more than likely) because all of the plumbing is right underneath the area we would put everything. Not to mention it would add more value to the home because then it would become a master suite. 

On the other hand - we were planning on adding a half bath to the basement anyway. Would it be easier to just add a bathtub and just have 2 full baths or add it in the attic and 2.5 baths? 

I'd say that we'd also be infinitely closer to having a bathroom in the attic done than in the basement. Currently, we're running the electric to the attic and if we decide to add a bathroom, we can just run the appropriate electric outlets where they need to be. However, before doing that, we'd need to frame out the rest of the room. 

We would also need to know if we would need to add more support to the floor if we want a tub like that. That's going to require some contractors coming in, giving us estimates and that sort of deal. 

It would not be a small project - and it would definitely take all of next year to complete, considering we still have to do drywall, paint, flooring and lighting - adding a bathroom to that will definitely be expensive and time consuming. But, I think it would be a nice addition to the house, especially if Garry and I end up using that as our bedroom.