Friday, September 28, 2012

If I could have my way...

Photos found from Pottery Barn, BHG, and various DIY blogs

This is what I would absolutely love a master suite to look like in my house - preferably in my attic. Since my diagnosis of fibro, I've been learning what makes me feel better and what makes the pain worse. As of right now, I've noticed that moist heat (ie, very long, hot baths) are the absolute best thing ever, and walking up and down stairs is a bad plan. 

Unfortunately, the only places we have room to put a large tub for me to take said very long, hot baths, involve going up or down stairs. However, if the attic is turned into a master suite (which we've discussed on numerous occasions and were told by multiple people that it would be a great investment for our house) I could take a bath and then just go to bed. 

The idea I'm getting for a potential master suite invovles more of the same type of decorating theme I'm attempting to take through the rest of the house - neutral colors with a lot of texture. Of course adding some blue and green here and there is good too as they are our favorite colors. 

The bed from Pottery Barn is probably my favorite thing in the above photo. There isn't one thing about that bed I'd change. It would cost a pretty penny for that whole bedding ensemble straight from PB, but I'm hoping I can find some reasonably-priced look-alikes down the road. I also really love the idea of sconces wired into the wall. We may or may not be able to do that considering we will probably have to install built-ins or have wardrobes in order to hang up clothes that need to be hung.

The moravian star pendant also just makes me full of squee. I'm not certain what it is about it that I love so much, they're just gorgeous. I don't need a reason to love something do I? 

Luckily there are a few items on the board that Garry and I can make ourselves. The curtains are easy enough to whip up in a day, and the dressers are a project that I've been looking to tackle for a while. I think the blue with the dark brown top and mercury glass knobs is gorgeous and just the neutral and rustic palate that I'm looking for while still adding some color. Maybe I'd distress the dresser a wee bit, but not a whole lot. 

The double sink is definitely something we really want. We are planning on building something similar to this on our own and then making the sinks. You read that right - making them. Still not sure how that's going to happen, but I'm fairly certain we'll end up making the vessel sinks, which will be... interesting. 

The fisherman's pendant would be great in the bathroom too. 

The clawfoot tub is the thing of dreams. I just love them. Since our attic has sloped walls (and just enough space for a tub like this) we won't actually have a shower upstairs. Luckily, you can get sprayer attachments for the tub and it's like a shower, except you're sitting down, which is much easier on my knees. Plus, we have a shower downstairs. The tub will be used mostly for me to soak in though. 

The more I think about it, the inspiration I'm drawing from is very New England coast with a little bit of eastern influence. Somehow I think both of those go well together.  

We're still very very far from having anything close to this. On the agenda is calling our plumber and finding out what the limitations are and the best way to install a large tub like that, what the process will be, and get an estimate for their work. Once we have that accomplished we can work towards where we need to be to have them come in. 

What we will probably have to do between getting the okay to install a bathroom in the attic is get the framing for the actual bathroom complete, run the necessary electric, and drywall and paint (most) of the bathroom. It will definitely not be a cheap project (we're talking quite a bit of money here folks), but I think the benefits of it will definitely outweigh the actual cost. Oh, and then we'd still have the rest of the bedroom to do, like drywall, replace the windows, install carpet... yeah, it's going to take a while I'm sure. 

Not to mention we'll be able to turn our current bedroom into a nice-sized guest room and our current guest room can stay an office. With the sunroom coming off the office - it would be a really great place to take a break from working and enjoy lunch or a cup of coffee. 

Just the thought of it makes me wish I could work from home!

But, in the meantime, (as I'm sure this project will take a year or two) we're going to work toward making our current bedroom as relaxing as possible, and maybe take some of the ideas above and incorporate them into something that's not so far into the future.