Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Downtime and daydreaming are dangerous things

Part of the problem with having "downtime" between projects is that it gives me a lot of time to think of much more complicated things for us to do with our house. It gives me the space to really obsess over something and, in turn, make it much more complicated  expensive than it needs to be.

That's how I roll apparently.

There are a few projects that we can do in the meantime (meaning, when we have time as Garry and I are both exhausted by the time we get home from work every day and lately my knees have been bothering me) like moving the wood pile into a more "condensed" spot so it can season for the winter and clear out that corner of the yard.

Right now that wood pile is just strewn across the back length of the fence. Boo. I'm hoping Garry can find it in his heart to start chopping the wood and stacking it so it will season. We do have some really enormous "chunks" of trunk that wouldn't be bad to use for outdoor seating around the fire pit. That would require de-barking them, bringing them in the garage, and sealing them. Not too expensive of a project, but definitely a time-consuming one.

The metal pole also needs to come down and scrapped and that area needs to be cleared of all the random stuff growing. There is also a small pile of brick behind our fence (still on our property) and what we have left over from knocking the ugly planters over that we're going to use for a small project as well. Luckily they're free projects (we have all of the equipment and items to do this), but it's just finding the time to do it before it gets too cold.

Our enormous wood plank is still hanging out in the rafters of the garage, just WAITING to be taken down, cleaned off and used as a shelf in my kitchen. Still need some brackets though. :-/ And... I should probably repaint the kitchen before we do that. *sigh*

Other than that, the rest of the projects we have on hand are going to take some cash and more than a little time. We still need to finish installing the electric in the attic. Once that's done we're going to have a drywall party and get the whole room (which let me tell you, is a LOT of drywall) walled in. Then we'll order some windows and install them and then, finally get around to painting (primer). Maybe that will be next year's project. Augh.

I'd really like to get started on the master bedroom too. It's just so... dark in there. This morning I woke up at 6:30 and it was DARK in the room. I was wrapped in a cocoon of blankets, all comfy and warm and all I could think was "damn, it's really dark in here this morning." When I went in the living room I realized it wasn't because it was still dark outside (I mean it was, the sun was just rising) but it was because the paint color is so dark. Hrm. This may need to be remedied sooner rather than later as we head into the winter months....

There's also the what the heck are we going to do with the sun room question. Just to give you an idea, in the just over a year we've lived in our house we've had access to the sunroom for... oh... 3 months. Otherwise, we've had people staying in our guest room (the sunroom is attached to the guest room) so we really haven't been able to use it the way we'd like to. To be honest, it's mostly been used for storage - which is really unfortunate, because it's a really nice room.

The question is, before we decide what to put in there, is what we're going to do in there. Eventually, that room will become a 3-season playroom for when we have a kid (that's old enough to use it as a playroom), so whatever we do, it can't be so much that whatever we put in that room isn't going to work elsewhere in the house (my guess is that the furnishings will end up in the basement or attic guestroom).

And of course, not having the cash on-hand to do it all right now is decidedly frustrating.