Tuesday, October 2, 2012

20 Things I Love About Fall

  1. Cooking and baking in my kitchen without sweating incessantly. 
  2. Fall foliage in upstate New York is gorgeous!
  3. That period of time between not having to run the air conditioner and before the heater kicks in - lower utility bills!
  4. Perfect cuddle weather. 
  5. All of the very warm, soft blankets come out of storage - more cuddling ensues.
  6. Hot cocoa and mulled cider is more practical. 
  7. Football season starts (around here high school football is a big deal).
  8. "Grey" days that are perfect for napping or doing something indoors. 
  9. No more mosquito bites when I go outside!
  10. Everything "smells" good. 
  11. Eating fall food like squashes, root vegetables and roasts with warm glazes.
  12. Soft, quiet music - folk music is so nice this time of year. 
  13. Photographing the scenery. 
  14. Roasted pumpkin seeds. 
  15. Warm, comfortable clothing including my favorite sweaters.
  16. Hot showers and baths feel so much better.
  17. Cider Mill doughnuts. 
  18. The annual "feast" we get together for with a bunch of our friends.
  19. Everything starts to "wind down" and I feel less rushed in life. 
  20. Probably the biggest reason - the fall season starts with mine and Garry's anniversary. :)