Monday, October 15, 2012

Office moved - now to prettify...

Garry would cringe if he heard me use that word... "prettify."

Well, we moved our desks, computer and chair upstairs to our former guest room and it is now officially our office. The room still definitely needs some work and I'm still formulating design ideas...

The desks are very grossly mis-matched. Augh. For some reason I thought they were both the very same, beat-up steel-grey colored tables, but no, they aren't. One is like a pukey yellow color with a wood veneer top. Blech. It just... doesn't go.

So, my next thought is to spray paint them so they match. Or maybe not "match" but at least "go." The room is relatively small and those desks are fairly big. I'd like to keep the antique architectual feel to the room without going way overboard. We still need to move our bookshelf and our file cabinet in there too.

Garry, I think, at this point is just thankful that I haven't decided to repaint the room. Thankfully it's a color I really like and it flows with the rest of the house.

Our sunroom (attached to the office) is in desperate, dire, need of being organized and thoroughly cleaned. Let's just say... it's not pretty.