Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just like stairs, it takes a while for each "step"

Apparently each "step" for doing something is similar to me trying to go up or down stairs, it takes forever.

Still haven't gotten around to spray painting the tables. Granted, yesterday I couldn't even get out of bed on my own power so... I guess I can't be too hard on myself. Planning on at the very least spray painting the file cabinet by the end of the weekend. Small goals... and taking one "stair" at a time so I don't fall flat on my face.

It's also incredibly easy for me to get side-tracked by other ideas I have for the house. Geez, right now even if I had all of the materials I needed for every single one of my ideas, it would still take MONTHS to complete all of it, even if I wasn't working...

Which reminds me... I need to find a lot of cheap barn wood and a lot relatively inexpensive, rustic, metal shelf brackets, or even some hinges... I have lots of ideas...

Today (and other days before this admittedly) I was thinking that our living room desperately needs a fireplace. It just begs for one. However, installing one is not cheap - and the easiest kind (the ventless gas kind) are still a few grand.

Yeah, we don't have that kind of money.

Also - even though adding a fireplace definitely adds value to your home, it also increases your taxes. Our tax payments are already the same amount (actually, just slightly more) than our mortgage payment. We're already going to be adding onto that amount by finishing the attic and the basement and possibly adding another bath and a half, why add more than necessary?

The *easy* way out of this would be to get an electric fireplace. But you know what? They're kind of cheesy. They look pretty when they're not lit, but dammit, I'm going to want to light it up! Also - a really nice one (the size I want) is fairly expensive still.

So what are we going to do? Well, a very creative idea I came up with takes the idea of the old non-working fireplaces that have a bunch of candles in it, and building something. Not sure how that's going to work so I don't end up setting my entire living room on fire, but it has the potential to be very unique and very awesome (and irritate Garry with yet another one of my "this is harder than it needs to be" projects). Heehee, I still continue to be surprised with what he lets me get away with.