Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Office planning

I know I've been kind of all over the place with design ideas lately. Not really being able to do much around the house has been bothering me and it just allows my mind to run away with itself. This leads to getting a little scatter-brained when trying to come up with some sort of "direction."

With our roommates pretty much moved out at this point, we've been looking at what to do with the spare bedroom. We're not planning on having a kid any time soon (besides, that room is probably the coldest room in the house since it's attached to the sunroom) so we figured that would be a good room for our office.

Since we're pretty low on funds right now (we want to keep as much in our savings as possible) we figured we would move the old, broken desk upstairs and just use that until we could afford or build something nicer. This desk was left at our old apartment by the previous tenants and even though we could refurbish it, we really do need a bigger desk than that, so it's not really worth our time and effort.

I've been racking my brain for ideas for desks, whether or not it would be cheaper to build a desk or buy one, what "style" direction I want to go, and all of that stuff. And then I realized...

We have two very old, decent-sized, metal work tables in the basement. They're just sitting there, not being used for anything and taking up space.

And that's where I started going with this...

Over the weekend we're going to dismantle the bed in the guest room and move it into the attic, scrub the room really well and move one of the tables up to see how it will fit in the room and then decide if we can git the other table in there or not. We also have to make room for our filing cabinet and possibly our bookshelves.

Not to mention office organization... we'll need to wrangle some containers for pens, pencils, and other office supplies - as well as ways to keep all of my craft "stuff" neat and tidy. That will be a bit of a feat since I have a LOT of craft stuff.

I'm hoping that by putting our office together we can start going through a lot of our random knick-knack items and decide if they are worth keeping for another room, need transforming into something else, or should get the boot. I'm also planning to reuse as much as I can to minimize the overall cost. I know off the top of my head we're probably going to have to purchase a few things:

  1. Office chairs (with proper support) 
  2. Rug for the floor
  3. File folders (for the filing cabinet) 
  4. Waste basket
  5. Shredder (something we should have bought a long time ago)
  6. Desk lamps (I don't do well with overhead lights) 
  7. Closet storage system (for better organization of our "stuff" so the room looks less cluttered)
Right now that's all I can think of. We'll probably end up building some shelves if we can find enough old wood and attach them to the wall with the track shelving to make it look cool and industrial. Replacing the light fixture would be nice too, but not really needed at the moment, especially being on a tight budget. 

Hopefully we'll get a good chunk of the rearranging accomplished this weekend. I'm actually really stupidly excited over making this transition, as it means we're one more step closer to making the house function in a way that suits "us."