Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Office Prettification - Step 1 - paint the tables

Oh man... Garry is NOT going to be pleased... :)

So I've decided that I want to spraypaint the two work tables in our office. I'm leaning toward painting them white. I know... boring... but white is a really easy color to work with and I can distress the tables and do other things to make them look "old" still. It will not be a quick or easy process. I'm sure Garry will be more than annoyed with me since I "should've thought to do that before we moved them into our office" since the tables are so big that we have to disassemble them to get them through the door. I'm hoping he won't be *too* annoyed - especially when he sees how nice they look when I'm done!

Add some apothecary lamps and other vintage-industrial style bits about the room and... yeah... that could be interesting...

As boring as white sounds, it would definitely "lighten" up the room. I know right now that I'm thinking of making a curtain out of drop cloth material, or maybe natural colored muslin (since I have a ton of it somewhere in the house). Since the window is in the corner of the room I'm only doing one large panel and adding a hook to open side of the wall to keep the drape "open." If I add in oil rubbed bronze and copper accessories I think that could look really cool. 

We also have the file cabinet to contend with. It's kind of a beast (one of the tall, 4-drawer units) and I'm thinking of painting that a color different than the desks. Not sure which yet - that might end up being ORBed.

Step by step... it's going to take a long  time to get this office the way I "want it" I'm sure. We also have the attic to deal with still - as well as repainting our current bedroom and add closet doors too. It's one project after another. Eventually we'll get to crown molding... someday...