Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's electric! Boogie Woogie Oogie!

Okay, I want to know what you folks think about electric fireplaces.

I know, I flip flop on this fireplace issue more than some politicians do on their talking points. Whatever, it's a freaking fireplace not foriegn policy!

So - that being said - I know there is absolutely no way in the Universe that we're having a wood or pellet stove installed in our house (as it requires a LOT of demo work to create a vent) so my options for a fireplace are:

  1. Electric fireplace (easiest) just so you know - this is what I was thinking about: fireplace
    1. Can order online
    2. Some assembly (not terribly difficult)
    3. Will be able to use immediately
    4. Does not require any alteration of the house - doesn't increase taxes
    5. Not real fire
    6. Will probably cause our electric bill to go up 
  2. Ventless gas (most expensive) 
    1. Have to purchase all the parts
    2. Assembly is kind of difficult (will need to have inspections done on the gas line)
    3. More expensive than electric
    4. Might increase taxes 
    5. Will cause our utility bill to go up
    6. Real flames 
    7. Have to build mantle and everything as well (lots of construction) 
  3. Some sort of candle-place (most complicated)
    1. Relatively cheap (depending on design) 
    2. Won't increase utility bills or taxes 
    3. Real fire
    4. Will not provide measurable supplemental heat
    5. Not sure about how much of a hazard it would be. Essentially we'd have to buy a firebox and build a mantle (like the ventless option) except without the insert and hooking it up to the gas line) It would probably be about as expensive as an electric fireplace initially. 
This is going to sound dumb, but the main reasons I want a fireplace are: 
  1. The size/shape our of living room makes putting anything else there really difficult to design around - a fireplace is kind of the perfect solution.
  2. Fireplaces are easy (for me) to decorate.
  3. Added winter-time ambience. (Winter lasts for 6 months where I live folks) 
  4. A nice backdrop for photos. (Okay, let me explain this one - when I was a kid most of our family photos were taken in front of the fireplace. We don't really have a "spot" in our house that makes sense to do that) 
Yeah, okay, supplemental heat would be nice too. 

Thoughts? Advice?