Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Step 1 - in the bag!

Is it sad that I kind of want to do a touchdown dance right now?

Okay, maybe I *did* do a little touchdown dance yesterday - after I got home from work Garry and I finally got around to spray painting the filing cabinet. The funny thing was, I totally expected him to want to just move the thing where it needed to be and then just go inside to do something else. Decorating isn't really his thing and I can totally understand why, but this time around he was really excited to help spray paint. Lo' and behold - he was actually really good at it - as in, better than me.

I was shocked. Mostly because I have done a bunch of spray painting projects over the years and this is the first time he volunteered to help. If I knew he was so awesome at spray painting I would've asked him to teach me YEARS ago.

Apparently spray painting is "manly." Okay... I'll remember that when I end up spray painting just about every piece of non-upholstered furniture we own.

So the filing cabinet looks great. We just need to wait for it to cure completely and then we can move it in the office. I'm excited to go through some of my decorative things and start really decorating that room. Now if only I can find some good, solid barnwood. Otherwise I have to buy some planks and age them myself... Either way I think it will look awesome when I'm done!

Maybe on Saturday I'll convince Garry to move my desk to the garage so I can start on that project soon. As long as I'm feeling up for it, I might as well keep going.

Here's the list right now:

  • Paint file cabinet: $12
  • Paint my desk: $12
  • Paint computer desk: $12
  • Install cork/white erase board: $15
  • Create/find items to use to corral small desk objects - free  
  • Make barnwood shelving on metal tracks (above my desk) - $100 (for materials) 
  • Paint bookcase - free 
  • Make/find artwork - $50 (allowance for new frames/printing costs) 
  • Make curtain panel - free 
  • Add other furnishings (office chairs, rug, lamps, change out light fixture) 
All said: $200 (before the furnishings) 
So let's say $400 total. 

Things like office chairs, rugs, and light fixtures aren't necessarily cheap. Not too bad for a complete redo of a room if you ask me. Certainly the least expensive so far. 

Yeah, still have a long way to go. I'm hoping that I might be able to get a good chunk of the DIY stuff done by the end of the year. Another thing I'd like to do is get a second computer screen for our desk top (I have two screens at work and I LOVE it) just in case I ever have to work from home. 

We also have some closet cleaning/organizing in there to do. Ideally, we'll move all of my crafting items to the office where they will all be organized (hahahahaha!!) but I know that's going to be a bit of a feat, (there's a reason I wanted to make enormous shelves for that room) and that will require the little closet in the room to be emptied. Should be... interesting... to see what was stowed away in there when we moved in.

We also need to tear the carpet out of the sunroom. Yeah... I just don't want to talk about it... luckily there's at least some tile underneath (which will need to be steam mopped to death) so it's not a complete disaster. We may end up installing something else in there - it just won't be a huge priority since it's only a 3-season room. But, I would like to get it "ready" for work in the spring. Before we close it up for the year I think I'm going to hang the curtains, clean the windows, move the wicker loveseat in there and set it up so it almost looks like it could be functional. :) I'd love to get a big wicker couch and two chairs to go in there with a decent-sized coffee table. I think that would be nice.