Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A good night's rest - bedroom redo inspiration

Chances are when I get back from Florida I'll feel completely refreshed and ready to tackle some summer house projects. One of which involves re-doing our bedroom and the sunroom. It involves some moving around of items and fabric, but overall, I think it will look nice.

This is what I'm using as inspiration for the bedroom:

Both images are from the Pottery Barn website

I really like the softness and texture of these two spaces. Our bedroom doesn't get a whole lot of light, so painting the room a nice light color (I'm thinking a slightly warm light grey) would be helpful, along with adding some glass table lamps, repainting my dressers/nightstands and adding some white bi-fold closet doors to our very unorganized closet. 

Photo from 

I also have a deep love for paisley, texture and exotic and vintage styles/prints. Like the moravian star chandelier with the antique dresser in the above photo. I just... love it. I also have a woodblock stamp and would love to stamp/dye some sheets or my old light blue duvet cover and pair them with a paisley quilt/shams. I just think that would be pretty. 

Or something like this: 
Image from

But first things first, what needs to be done:
  • Repaint the bedroom
  • Repaint/distress the dressers and night stands
  • Find two glass bedside lamps 
  • Find two small 2x3 size-ish rugs for both sides of the bed
  • Replace mirror on dresser 
  • Install bi-fold doors 
  • Install curtain rods 
  • Find/make bedding and curtains 
  • Maybe replace the over head light
  • Maybe install new molding 
I haven't worked out too many ideas for what to put on the walls. Right now I have two metal stars (that I will probably repaint because they're a copper color now) and another project that I haven't actually started yet. 
Which may or may not look exactly like this.... from Pinterest

For the time being, my friends Raine and Kal are staying in our guest room/sunroom with their kitties and dog  so this project will have to go on hold until after their living quarters are set up (which apparently is happening today - I'm so excited for them!) and I get back from vacation. You know me, I get twitchy if I go too long without painting something