Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The other side of crazy

Well folks, Garry and I managed to make it through the busiest week ever without too many scratches and bruises. Seriously, I don't think we were this busy before our own wedding last September.

The business was mostly on my part. Being that it's the end of the school year I had events to cover a few nights after school hours and I had an event to do with the radio station I work for. On top of that, I had a few other errands to run with my friend Adee that just got married on Saturday.

I pretty much stayed in bed all day on Sunday. I was exhausted. As in so tired that I couldn't sleep exhausted. Yeah, not pretty. Garry had some friends from out of town in, and I was a bad hostess and just hid in my room all day. Oh well, they understood. We were crazy busy and I was crazy exhausted, these things happen.

So now we're looking at the rest of the month and summer to see what projects we're going to take on and what needs to be finished. Since the weather has been typical for this area, it's been raining - a LOT. So finishing the fire pit was put on hold until we could get a few days (where we have some time) to mortar the facing on the stones. Once that is all set, we can start having some fires (yay!) and burn some of the wood we have from cutting the pine trees down.

In a few weeks I'll be taking a very much needed vacation to visit my family in Florida for a week. Seriously guys, I haven't had a real vacation in a LONG time, like 2 years. I'm due.

The plan there will be to sit next to the pool and do very precious little else. We're also planning a party for my grandma's 90th birthday - so okay, there will be one day where I have to do something, but that's how those things go. My cousin is also due to deliver her baby the week I'm there, so that will be really exciting too! It's doubtful we'll end up going to the hospital or anything, but I will be cheering her on while I'm poolside with margarita in hand.

When I get back from Florida, we're going to start working on some more yard-related projects. I'd like to get the flowerbeds tamed, new plants planted, and re-mulch. Making sense of the back corner of the yard would also be a good plan as right now it's a pile of bricks, slate and various random plants growing (including the indestructible hosta, which I'm very sure I killed off last fall, apparently not, so since it has defied my ability to kill it, I'll dig them up and include them in the landscape project - which means they will probably die when I move them...).

I'm still working on the plans for the backyard garden. Essentially, what we're going to have to do is fence in the area where we're going to plant it, as most of these plants are poisonous to dogs. Added to the fence will be a pergola-style archway. The crummy part of this project is that we're probably going to have to wait until next spring to tackle it as we have some bigger indoor projects to attend to (like getting the attic situated so we can actually use it as a guest room/office). For this summer, the plan is to clear out the area of weeds and other debris, rebuild our mermaid shrine and hopefully plant a flowering tree in the back corner area.

But, all of this will have to wait until my vacation. I'm looking forward to spending a week doing very very little other than existing. It will be blissful.