Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer clothes shopping/creating

It's only a few days until I finally get to go on a verymuchneeded vacation to visit my family. Unfortunately, the hubs gets to stay home and take care of the critters, mind the house and all of that fun stuff, leaving me to spend a blissful week of doing just about nothing with my family.

However, Florida is a LOT hotter than New York and I don't particularly like sweating unless I'm working out, which is certainly NOT on the to-do list while I'm there. Whenever I go to Florida, I pretty much sweat just by existing, so breathable clothing that not only looked good, but was comfortable was the first thing on my list to pick up. 

While I'm trying to start my Handmade Wardrobe Challenge and this was the absolute perfect opportunity to take start it, by making a bunch of clothes to wear on vacation, yeah... that didn't happen. Mostly because right now I just don't have time. June was a CRAZY busy month for us with events every weekend (which is usually when I would do that sort of thing) and working late most nights. It will have to commence when I get back I suppose.

I had a few "rules" in mind while I was shopping. Since I go clothes shopping maybe twice a year I needed to give myself some guidelines:

  1. Buy good quality - I would rather spend a little more on a piece of clothing that will last a few years than have to replace it 6 months later (and end up spending more money overall) .
  2. Don't spend a lot of money - Goes kind of directly against rule 1, but I needed to make sure I bought things on sale to get the most bang for my buck.
  3. Buy useful items - pieces that "go" with  items I already have, transition between work and social, comfortable (so that I will actually wear them), and will allow for some weight flux - since that tends to happen with me. 
I'm happy to say that I managed to stay within my budget and I found some really cute items that I can wear to work, vacation, and for any other reason. My style, or at least what I'm starting to gravitate toward is more boho than anything else (taking a hint from my jewelry collection which is basically all boho with a few more traditional pieces) - so I picked up 2 maxi dresses (one of which I'm wearing today), a long maxi skirt, a pair of shorts (they're chinos but with a cute stretchy waistband so they're REALLY comfy) and a mustard yellow top with a braided kind of embellishment. Oh, and some aviators, because I totally rock them and with my green eyes, going anywhere where there's actual sunlight means I can't see anything and get massive migraines. 

I managed to find everything at TJ Maxx for $106 total, which surprised me because I generally have terrible luck when I shop there. Either what I really like is expensive or I just can't find anything I like that's in my size, or at least a close-enough size so I can alter it. I felt very accomplished yesterday. 

I have also found some patterns that I'm in LOVE with and some inspiration pieces too. I really want to wear more dresses/skirts because, let's face it, they're comfy. If they're made with the right kind of material, you can have a piece that will last next to forever and will fit even if your body fluxes like mine does. I also like the idea of having items that are dressy enough for work (just add a cardigan, jacket or accessories) but I can dress down and are comfy enough for a weekend camping trip. 

I've gotten to a point where having two (or even three) separate wardrobes is pretty much out of the question, so now finding pieces that transition well is the plan. And, of course, trying to save some cash by making my own clothes too. The most important part of it though, is finding "myself" and wearing something that is really a reflection of who I am and not who everyone wants me to be. Sure, I may end up being a little more quirky that some of my co-workers, but as long as it's still appropriate, there's nothing wrong with quirky. When I actually make an effort with clothes/hair/makeup, I get a lot of compliments. I'd like to find a way to "try" without actually having to. Yay laziness!