Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A sort-of update

It's been super crazy at our house lately. My very lovely friends Raine and Kal (over at Nemeton project) are staying with us until their sheds are installed on their property (which surprisingly will be by the end of the week). This is where the guest room becomes super handy.

Garry and I have been contemplating other ideas for the guest room as well. As in slightly more cute and tiny ideas.

Like I said before, we're taking a break from any big projects over the summer. Unfortunately, it's not just because we want a "break" from housework, but with my hours being cut at my main job (boo!) and since Garry is a temp and his hours are fairly inconsistent, we need to make sure we can put more in reserves in case something happens.

That, and I've been exceedingly exhausted for the last week-ish. Like there's not enough coffee in the world for me to get out of bed in the morning.

The weather here is supposed to be ridiculously hot today and tomorrow and with that, I've been thinking about summer clothing. I found a great tutorial online for a super simple maxi dress here. Seriously folks, it will take 2 hours at most. The best part? I have old jersey/beech bed sheets that would be perfect AND I have some kelly green Rit dye. Sweet! Also - I can add some embellishments with my lotus woodblock stamp I bought a while ago. Ideally, I'd find a way to ombre dye the fabric and then use a metallic fabric paint (which I might have somewhere...) for the woodblock stamp. Best part - I have two sheets so I can test it on one before I spend the time/effort making the dress.

I'm hoping this will help kick off my Homemade Wardrobe Challenge. I'm really hoping to make some cute maxi dresses for summer since my office doesn't run the a/c in the summer time since not a lot of folks are here.

Photos? Hopefully... soon. Wow, I know I'm bad about this.