Monday, June 4, 2012

Taking time to take care of ourselves

It seems as though we spend a lot of time daydreaming planning our house projects and sometimes actually working on them and not a whole lot of time taking care of ourselves. This weekend, even though we did absolutely nothing on our house, left Garry, myself, and even our pup Auron, quite exhausted.

Starting on Friday, we went pretty much non-stop all weekend. Friday, Garry and I woke up at 4:30am (he has to be at work by 6am), worked a full day (I worked an event after I was done with my "regular" work for the day) and then went to our friends respective bachelor/bachelorette parties. By 11 pm we were both exhausted, Auron was annoyed that we were gone after his bedtime, and in much need of some deep sleep.

While the sleep was good, it felt too short. The next morning we were up and at it again. This time we were going to my co-worker's wedding and then straight off to our friend's memorial service. You read that right folks, wedding and a funeral in the same day. It was rough. Poor Auron had to stay home for all of this too, even though both events were technically "dog friendly," I didn't want to chance him acting inappropriately in those situations.

Sunday, well, let's just say Auron at that point had had enough. He stopped eating. Naturally, Garry and I were really upset. He would eat a little and then stare at us dolefully. Garry took the pup over to a friend's house to play and run around with their dogs (so he could get some exercise and maybe that would cause him to eat) and while he did manage to eat a little bit, he wasn't willing to eat an entire meal.

Everything else was "working" fine and he has been acting completely normal. We tried feeding him breakfast this morning and he wouldn't eat unless one of us fed it to him out of our hand - which then he ate with the usual gusto he would when we fed him in his bowl. Ah ha. We're fairly certain he's doing this out of defiance because he wants more of our attention (which we fully admit, we haven't been able to give him the previous two days) so we're making a pact to spend more time playing and spoiling our little pup (not that we didn't during the week anyway, but this will involve more interactive play on our part) and spoiling ourselves like going out to eat once in a while or to a movie. This could also mean a master bedroom redo to encourage more... umm... restful sleep.

I have some paint chips on the wall (yes, again) and I'm leaning toward a light, warm grey. Yep, it's a totally different direction than we went before, but I think part of the reason I'm having a hard time sleeping is that the room color (albeit, one of my favorite colors) is just too dark. Part of this renovation will also involve re-painting our dressers, end tables and bed frame, *finally* adding some bi-fold doors (and possibly doing a cool project with them too), new curtains, bed linens, some soft rugs for under our feet and lamps for our nightstands. Maybe some closet organization in there too? Hopefully Garry will feel ambitious enough to tackle the molding (base, window and crown) project this summer too. Oh, and artwork... yes I have some things in the works for that as well.

We're also thinking of moving Auron's crate to the guest room. As much as we love our little boy, when he rolls around in his crate at night it wakes me up (preventing a good nights' sleep), and our room feels a lot smaller with his very large crate in it.

Overall, it's a nice "project" for the summer. It's not difficult to do (the hardest part will be installing the molding, which we've done base and door molding before, but I hear crown is the hardest to do) and everything can be done in stages without the room being out of commission. Besides, we have a guest room if it ends up too crazy in there for a few days.