Monday, February 27, 2012

The addiction that is Pinterest

Hello. My name is Amy, and I'm a pinter-holic. 

I was introduced to Pinterest through a variety of channels, but it was my friend Eithne that sent me that oh-so-tempting invite to join. Little did I know what I was in for.

The legends are true. One can (and will) spend countless hours of their time on this website, browsing little photos other people have "pinned." Images range from silly, sarcastic posters to DIY projects and just about everything in between. There is probably nothing that you can't find on Pinterest. 

It's been a good tool for me to come up with ideas for our house renovation projects - a way for me to "save" little ideas here and there without using up a bajillion gigs on my hard drive. Sure, I still save photos on the hard drive, but the great thing about Pinterest is that if it's an item that you know you're going to buy some day (like that labrador art print I'm eyeballing) it will save the image as a link and then I don't have to hunt down the link when I want to purchase it. That's pretty awesome. 

It's also been useful for me to find recipes. Many a good meal has been found on Pinterest - my online cookbook growing and growing... eventually, someday, I'm going to write it all down. 

Speaking of cooking and Pinterest, something I've been thinking about (other than getting our kitchen finished - a post later tonight on our counter top tutorial, plus some photos!) is kitchen organization. Right now our kitchen is dreadfully unorganized. It pains me (being a rather organized person in general) to see my kitchen in such disarray. I understand that part of it is that I live with two guys and they kind of put things away haphazardly (but at least they put them away, most of the time) and the other reason is that there isn't a clear method for organization. 

I personally like things to match or at least go. One of the biggest offenders in that category are spice jars. We tend to buy what's on sale, which sometimes isn't the same brand. Also, the jars are really "loud" (bright colors, prints etc) and I'd like it to "go" with the rest of my kitchen. I'd also like to free-up some space in that cabinet (where the spices are) and put them on the counter top where they will be close at hand when I'm cooking.

This is where Pinterest comes in handy. I can look up hundreds of organization methods in one search. Easy-peasy. 

Another part of this is the jar situation. Eventually, I'd like to start growing and drying some of my own herbs. I know I'll never be able to grow all of the herbs I like to use (a lot of them), but even if I can grow some of them, that's better than none right? But, the jars have to "go" with the kitchen. 

I'm planning on making a little spice shelf in my kitchen next to the stove where I can keep my (seemingly) countless jars of spices. I also plan on getting some clear glass jars and creating my own labels. 

There are tons of tutorials and templates online, but being as annoyingly DIY as I am, I'm planning on creating my own labels and then printing them. 

One advantage I have is that I have Adobe InDesign - which is awesome for this kind of stuff. Photoshop is good too, but InDesign lets you really play with the text, which is the main feature of these labels. There are only a few examples on Pinterest, but there are tons on the web, plus tutorials. Should be a fun project!

BTW, if you're on Pinterest, feel free to find me at