Thursday, February 9, 2012


(originally written August 9, 2011)
We mentioned before that our first priority was to make the house energy efficient before we get too crazy into decorating. We’re still holding to that – and we’re trying to find ways that make the most financial sense.
Also knowing that the grant repairs have yet to be made - we don’t know if there will possibly be extra funds to cover some of these projects that we’re looking to take care of.
So right now we’re kind of at a stand-still since we don’t know what projects they’ll want to take care of if there are funds.
But, making a list for ourselves is still a good idea incase they don’t have extra funds.
The priority list for indoors (as of now) is:
  • Energy efficiency (replacing the furnace, hot water heater, insulating the attic and basement)
  • Install a dishwasher (Garry wanted this as #1 for the record)
  • Creating functional spaces in the attic and basement adding electric outlets, lighting and sheet rock – dividing the basement into separate rooms based on function, moving the washer next to the dryer and hooking it up to the water line)
  • Flooring in new spaces
  • Replacing windows in the attic and basement
  • Basic furnishings (refinishing and repurposing what we have – will need to buy some new pieces though)
  • Replacing countertop/backsplash in the kitchen
  • Replacing tile in the bathroom
  • Installing tile in the kitchen and bathroom (both are peel-and-stick tile)
  • Creating a half-bath in the basement
  • Building the basement bar
Of course that doesn’t include painting and other little low-cost side-projects I will come up with along the way.
For the outside it seems like a lot, but most of it is labor and most of it we can complete within the first year we’re here (except the last two):
  • Cut down the monster pine tree infront of the house (this HAS to be done by winter at whatever cost)
  • Move the sapling red maple to the front yard (where the monster pine tree was)
  • Pull out everything in the planter next to the front steps
  • Cut down pine trees in the back yard
  • Tear out uneccessary shrubs that are overgrown
  • Trim the ones we plan on keeping
  • Install fence
  • Add a matching shrub in the “hole” we’ll have infront of the window
  • Mulch the trees and shrubs (spring)
  • Plant something gorgeous in the front planter
  • Take out the two brick planters off of the garage
  • Extend cement pad to corner of sunroom
  • Start a small veggie garden (fence that in too)
  • Create a small faerie garden
  • Add firepit (removable?)
  • Add canopy and outdoor furniture
  • Paint the house exterior
Looks like we’ll be busy little bees!