Thursday, February 9, 2012

Glidden for the win!

(originally written August 10, 2011)

I can say that the Glidden 2-in-1 paint successfully covered my olive green walls in 2 coats.
Considering how skeptical I was, and even after Monday’s painting extravaganza I was trying my best to hold judgement until the project was finished. I have to say, I LOVE it. The color is perfect and contrasts so nicely against the oak floors and door that I’m just head-over-heels.
I absolutely love it when a projects comes together like that.
There’s still some touch-up work to be done around the ceiling and windows, but at 9:30 last night I was just too damn tired. Not to mention we don’t have an overhead light yet.
Here’s the before (this was taken before we purchased the house and the seller’s furniture was still there):
It's so dark... and shiny all at the same time.
Olive green walls… yep.
Here’s the entry way (which you can see in the right-hand corner of the photo) with the NEW paint color:
Some people would say sky blue, but not where we live. Usually they're grey.
Oooooh shiny….
The lighting in these photos are terrible, but it was late and I was tired. But, you can see how nicely the color contrasts with the wood. That’s right, someone paid attention in art class! It’s hard to believe  those walls were olive  green two days ago.
Curtain rods will have to wait a while yet - as it will cost about $90 to get the rods I want (double rods with a large square finial on the main rod). In the mean time I can get back to work on wedding projects.
Speaking of… I found out that most of my family isn’t coming to the wedding. Yeah, it sucks. I have a small family to begin with so it stings a little. We might have about 80 people (tops), but – that does mean that’s LESS work I have to do. That’s probably one less runner I have to make, less tea cup favors I have to bag (meaning I can keep the rest of the tea cups).
By the way… as I finished painting last night I stepped back and said to Garry “You know, this color is the same as the bridesmaid’s dresses” apparently Ireally love that color. And, the tea cup favors are the same color too. Since I’m painting the kitchen the same color as the living room I’m thinking of doing a project with my left-over tea cups.
But back to the wedding stuff. Less work is good as I’m spread pretty thin right now. Once the runners are done (which will hopefully be on Thursday), I need to: 
  • Make arrangements for the card table
  • Decorate the card box
  • Spray paint the frames for table seating
  • Print out the table seating charts
  • Package the favors
  • Create/print programs (hopefully someone has a printer we can use since ours died)
Yeah, it’s a lot of work…
Since Garry is done with classes as of this week I’m hoping he can handle spray painting the frames  and packaging the favors for me. The other projects will *hopefully* just take an afternoon to accomplish.