Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week of Cleaning - or Full of Fail

This week was supposed to be the "Week of Cleaning," which really has turned into the "Week of Wishing My Cats Would Learn to Clean the House" yes, I know it's pathetic and unrealistic.

However, yesterday I did manage to get some laundry done and actually put away instead of just thrown in a heap at the foot of the bed. So we'll call that progress.

The kitchen is still pretty messy, however Garry and his friends are planning on finishing the counter top this weekend so I'm not getting too worried about cleaning up that mess (at least they moved the wet saw to the garage this time).

Our bathroom is looking a little dire straits too. Oh, what I would give to come home and have it be clean. The biggest problem in there is that we didn't have a vent and with three people taking showers, well, let's just say we ended up with a slight mold situation. That's going to require some bleach and serious scrubbing (we recently had a vent installed too).

The tub has also started chipping recently (boo!) but luckily we found some products out there where we can reseal the tub for relatively cheap. Plus, our tub is a weird off-white color and when against the white bead board it just looks... weird. So one of our other small projects is to clean the mold, refinish the tub and possibly repaint in there (the paint could definitely use a little touch-up). I'm thinking of a really light taupe color - that will contrast really nicely against the bright white bead board. Once we get some artwork in there (in some dark frames) and maybe spray paint our towel bars oil-rubbed bronze... but that will take some time, a girl can dream right?

There is also a small drywall patch we need to make and replace a small chunk of bead board where they had to move the light switch.

Our bathroom does need a little love - it's the only room in the house that hasn't received any attention (aside from moving the switch and installing a vent). Once all of that is taken care of, our bathroom will look a million times better, but we won't be done there. We have some BIG plans for our little room that will require some repeat visits from contractors - but for now we're going to hold off until some of the more major projects (like the attic and finishing the kitchen) are complete.

There are some days that I wish all of these projects would be complete by the time I get home from work, or that the HGTV folks will come in and send Garry and I (and the kitties) for a spa weekend to come home to a completely remodeled and finished house. Yeah, that would be nice.

But, that would take the fun out of all of this right? Besides, I know I am WAY to controlling just to let random people come in and do stuff to my house that involved how it looks. Unless it's David Bromstad. He can do whatever he likes.