Friday, February 17, 2012

Paint shopping

Yesterday I took a little detour while I was doing my bi-weekly grocery shopping. I decided to go to Walmart instead of Wegman's. Mostly out of convenience and not wanting to deal with a million people (Weggie's gets pretty busy in the later afternoon), but also because I wanted to look at their paint samples.

I've been mulling over the idea of painting the kitchen a celadon green. It's a nice, fresh green color that is neutral, but still plays off of the colors in the tile, cabinets and counter top nicely.

Of course, now that I've decided to repaint the kitchen, I'm thinking maybe I'll want to repaint the living room something softer and more organic as well. Maybe a shade or two darker than the kitchen, but something a little less girly. I feel bad for Garry sometimes, he really does just let me run wild with some of my decorating "adventures" even if it does mean that he'll end up in a light aqua living room for 6 months.

So I grabbed a bunch of paint swatches yesterday and this morning (because it's one of those rare sunny days where I live) taped them up on the wall in my office. It's really funny how different they look when you're looking at them in natural light opposed to the lighting they have by the paint swatches.

The lighting in my kitchen is similar to in my office. Little direct sunlight and dim overhead light - meaning a lighter color will be preferable, otherwise it will end up looking too dark like our kitchen is now with it's olive-green walls.

Once I narrow it down, I will take them home and put them up in the kitchen, or go one step further and paint a small area just to be sure (sometimes the swatches aren't really big enough to make a difference in the way it reads, especially when there's a stark contrast).

In the running right now, I have:

From Glidden view these colors at

  • Shamrock White
  • Granny Smith White
  • Cool Cucumber
From Colorplace (Walmart brand) 
  • Luminous Aurora 
  • Full Spectrum White
I also found some colors for the bathroom too (also from Glidden) 
  • White Sage
  • Polished Limestone
And from Better Homes and Gardens...
  • Willowy White
With any lucky my counter top will be finished (or at least close to it) by the end of the weekend. If all goes according to plan, we will also have our back splash finished and the kitchen painted by mid-March. 

Then again... I do have a three-day weekend. :-)