Thursday, February 9, 2012

Trees are terrific, except when they're a hazard

(originally written August 18, 2011)

The tree people came and cut down our enormous blue spruce infront of our house the other day. Not only did they cut down the tree, but they dug out the stump and pulled another small shrub out that needed to go – all in 2 hours!
We actually have a front yard now – which is really nice – and once we treat the soil to get the acidity out of it (apparently pine trees make the soil really acidic) we can plant our other japanese maple seedling out front and put grass seed down. By the end of fall our yard will be gorgeous! :D
See the big, scary tree to the left of the photo? Yep... it's mulch now.
The funny thing – when that big tree came down, everyone could see how sad our shrubs had become infront of the house. Womp womp. Since we’ve only lived here 2 weeks we’re not really at fault. However, our neighbor kindly offered us the use of his hedge clippers and an extra yard waste bin. *hint hint*
So this weekend we will probably borrow the clippers and grab some shovels to get things ready for planting next week. Maybe we’ll grab a few bags of mulch as well just to get things “prettied up.”