Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't take it for granite

Okay, we're finally caught up to the present day.

We're on the "cutting the tile" portion of our countertop journey and so far it's coming along. The little wet saw we bought from the big HD is working out pretty well. There are a couple of nicks here and there, but once we grout and fill in those little areas with caulk, it should be fine.

One thing we didn't realize is how messy using a wet saw is - and we thought our kitchen was a mess before - now let's add granite mud to the mess. This is going to be awesome to clean up tomorrow!

They are almost done with cutting the tile, only a few more to do before we can apply the and actually lay them. We are so close to having our kitchen back... and yet, so far at the same time.

The kitties are decidedly annoyed with all of the noise. Wet saws are also not known for being the quietest of tools either. Between this and the contractors coming in and out of the house for the last two weeks, I'm sure they're fairly certain we've lost it. I'm starting to agree with their assessment of our mental stability.

At the end of the day, it will look awesome and all of the hard work will be worth every painstaking moment. The counters will be glistening and gorgeous I will be able to use my kitchen again, and we will have a dishwasher so the counter won't pile up with dishes.

If we get to bed before midnight tonight it will be a miracle.

Tomorrow we're getting our taxes done and admittedly I'm a little nervous. Since this will be the first year that someone else will be handling our tax preparation (I always did my own by myself, as did Garry) it should be interesting to see how this works out for us. We decided this year that we would have someone do it since we had so much happen in the last year, like buying a house and getting married. I'm not sure if it's going to work out in our favor (as in a "higher-than-normal" return) or not, but at the very least, we'll know that it's done correctly and I'll know what we need to do for next year (so I can do ours myself).

The forensic engineer is coming tomorrow to inspect our roof and find out exactly what is going wrong with it. I'm really hoping he will say that it was wind (or otherwise weather-related) damage so the insurance company will cover reshingling our roof. Depending on what he finds (and at this point, knowing the way my luck has gone in these things so far) I'm fairly certain he'll say it's an installation error, meaning we go after the installer to have it fixed. The problem becomes that most warranties don't transfer when you sell the house and the work was done just beefore the previous owner bought the house. Womp womp. Let's cross our fingers and hope it all works out. It will eventually.