Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nothing says romance like appliances

I've realized that in our home we tend to give gifts of appliances. It's not a bad thing, as sometimes we need them, but today I'm quite thrilled to announce that we will finally have our dishwasher hooked up and working. 

YAY! Happy Valentines Day to us! 

We've been counting the days that someone could come in and install that sucker (we needed plumbing and electric run in order for that to happen) since we bought the dishwasher in September, right after our wedding.

The kitchen is coming a long way. Garry is planning on finishing the trim on the counter top this weekend and start on the other portion of counter (on the other side of the stove) as well. It will be a while before the kitchen is completely clean again, but for now we're making some progress. 

While all of this is going on, I'm trying to figure out what color to paint the kitchen. The current color is REALLY dark
Okay, so it doesn't look as dark here, but above the cabinets? Imagine the ENTIRE room painted that color... because it is.

I like the idea of green, but have it be a lot lighter. I played a bit in Photoshop to try and come up with a color that worked with all of the other elements we are adding in. 
Images that aren't color blocks are from the Home Depot website

It's almost like a light celadon, greeney-grey color. I found a few colors that match up on the Benjamin Moor site, but I will have to see them in person and do a swatch test before I can even "go there" I like this color because it's not just beige, but it's neutral. It also plays nicely off of the pebble tile without being too stark of a contrast (like blue would be). It's also a color that can be easily carried into the living room (which yes, means repainting and some tweaking). 

We're going to wait until all of the tile is up before we start painting, which won't be for about another month. Add to that craziness the fact that we are very probably getting a dog in the spring (meaning we need to take care of the back yard as soon as we can) and we have a very busy spring on our hands. What we'll need to take care of in the meantime? Well, I'm hoping to get this list accomplished before mid-May. 

  • Kitchen counter tile
  • Kitchen back splash tile
  • Base cabinet built (on other side of dishwasher) 
  • Extra wall cabinet taken off, doors taken off to create open shelving
  • Wall "bump" taken down
  • Kitchen painted
  • Living room painted (maybe)
  • Curtains made/bought for the kitchen and living room (part of the tweaking)
  • Brush and tree debris cleared from backyard
  • Tree stumps ground
  • Pine tree taken down/stump ground
  • Fence installed 
  • Front and back lawn seeded 

It's a pretty heft list to accomplish in 3 months. However, trying to accomplish it with a puppy will be difficult, so getting it done ahead of time will be easier than trying to do it with a little furry ball of love trying to get involved. Our other projects like the attic and basement we can work on any time of year and because there are doors closing off those areas it won't make much of a difference working on it with or without a puppy. 

I was hoping to get some more plants to put in the backyard, but I have a feeling that will have to wait until next year. The original plan was to try and get some Leland cypress trees from a local cooperative exchange (you get them for dirt cheap, haha) and use that as sort of a privacy screen for the back yard, but it turns out they didn't have them. Although - they do have forsythia (which I love) so the jury is still out on if I want to use forsythia instead of the cypress.

We're still a long way from planning our back yard garden. We have a few plants there (mainly iris) that we want to expand upon, but until everything is up and blooming it will be hard to tell.