Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First impressions

I noticed the other day that some of the facing tile is a little off. It's really difficult to cut the tile exact every time, but my twitchy perfectionist side will still be bothered by it.

So I've been thinking of ways to deal with that this morning. I found some corner guard molding online that could work, but attaching it is going to be the pain in the butt part of it. Hmm, I'll put some more thought into this...

While I was looking at molding to fix that little issue, I also started looking at crown molding. Oh how I love beautiful, decadent crown molding. Something about it is just... so elegant.

Our kitchen is still in need of a lot of work. There are a ton of little and not-so-little projects still on the queue and more keep getting added to the list as time goes by.

  • Finish back splash
  • Fix cabinet next to dishwasher
  • Install track lighting 
  • Install iron chandelier
  • Organize and "prettify" pantry
  • Put some sort of "cap" on uneven edges of counter 
  • Take weird cabinet off/take doors off cabinet
  • Cut away weird box/thing from wall and replace bead board 
  • Replace crown molding on that cabinet wall
  • Paint walls
  • Create curtains/shades
  • Create and install reclaimed wood shelving 
  • Replace crown molding (on wall) with something a little more substantial
  • Replace back entry door and molding 
  • Refinish window molding 
  • Create chalkboard menu
  • Tear up/replace flooring 
  • Install new floor molding
  • Build dining-nook
  • Sew/purchase accents for nook
I have a feeling we'll get about halfway through this list this year - up until creating the shelving. After that I'm not terribly sure what else we will accomplish this year. 

While scouring for molding I ended up looking at front doors (we need to replace both our front and garage entry doors) and I found this beauty:
Image from HomeDepot.com

Yeah, I know. It's gorgeous!!! I never thought I'd fall in love with a door. 

It will cost nearly a fortune for them to either have it custom made or to have someone come in and install it in our house properly. Last time we checked it was over $300 for them to come and measure and install a door. With the door being around $500 I can expect that it will be close to $1,000 for them to install a front door for us. However, if we can get it custom built to the correct size, I really think we could install it ourselves.

But look how nice it is! Surely it's worth it right? Well, not right now as we have bigger issues to tend with, but someday... hopefully... 

Yesterday I buckled down and tried to get a hold of the person that installed the shingles on our house 8 years ago. Unfortunately, our insurance claim was denied since it was considered an installation error, which insurance apparently doesn't cover in regards to roofs. 

Our next step was to get the engineer's report (which we have) and find the company that installed it and see if they would be willing to come out and take care of the issue. If not, then the next step was to talk to a lawyer and find out what legally could be done to get the situation remedied. 

Sadly, we're at a stand-still. The company that did our roof apparently was a shady fly-by-night kind of contractor that isn't working with a listed company (or even in the industry anymore possibly). After doing searches on Google and through the Better Business Bureau and the local Chamber of Commerce, nothing of help has turned up. 

I spoke with the owner of one of the companies that gave us an estimate on a new roof (he did the estimate and also came to the house when the claims adjuster was there) and we discussed fixing the issue at hand. We worked out a deal and since they have a slight lull right now with roofs until next week, he was able to fit us in to get everything fixed this week and for a lot less than we originally anticipated. 

We are still having another estimate done just so we know exactly how much we are going to pay for the job, but the ballpark he gave me yesterday is definitely something we can work with right now and still be okay financially. The other great part of this, is that the work is guaranteed so if something goes wrong and the shingles do come loose again, they'll come fix it for no charge. My realtor also recommended this company and I trust that she knows her stuff when it comes to dealing with contractors and the like. 

We'll see where it goes. I'm hoping that it will at least give me a little piece of mind when the gusts of wind start howling over the mountain-side.