Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back splash - almost done!

This weekend we spent a ton of time working on the back splash. We were so stoked that it could *finally* be done, but oh... that was not to be.

We managed to get *most* of it done, however, we didn't realize how much grout you need to properly grout the pebble tile. Let me tell you, it's a LOT! We bought one package of grout and we ran out just a little over halfway through. So, if you're planning on installing pebble tile, make sure you plan to double the amount of grout you would normally use.

Overall, it looks gorgeous! Even though we're not quite done yet, it still looks absolutely beautiful! I'll have some photos posted tomorrow after we're finished and get a chance to clean. I have to say, it's a million times better than when we moved in.

We also bought more paint today. Since I wanted to use the Glidden 2-in-1 paint, I had to find a color that came close to the origial color I picked. I still went with a light taupey-green color. It's Glidden's Huskey Grey. In the light it's a a light grey-green-taupe color. It's really pretty! I also bought some paint for the living room - Glidden's Barely Jade. It will look really nice with what I'm planning to do. :)