Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh Glidden, how I love thee

Folks, I'm going to tell you something that is completely shocking and amazing.

I painted my entire olive green kitchen, 2 coats... with one can of paint. I can finally cross something off of my to-do-before-Tavis-gets-here list:

  • Paint kitchen
  • Resurface accent wall in living room 
  • Paint living room and weird hallway
  • Very carefully dismantle the mermaid shrine in the backyard 
  • Demolish brick planter
  • Install fence 
  • Reassemble mermaid shrine 
  • Move floral curtains to bedroom
  • Bag up yard waste
  • Organize/redecorate guest bedroom (we might have like 3 days to do this before Tavis comes to visit, thankfully it should only take me an afternoon.)
  • Build fire pit

Ta-da! I'm hoping to get to a few more of these this weekend...

Yeah, I know, when I finished I was stunned that I managed to make it through just one can and not have to even crack open the second one (I guess I know what color the bathroom is going to be painted now huh?).

It took just one full gallon (the can was empty when I was finished) of the Glidden 2-in-1 paint in Husky Grey to paint my rather large and awkwardly shaped kitchen. You know, I didn't realize how incredibly awkward our kitchen was until I started painting it. The weird part is over by the fridge. Part of the wall just kind of juts out for no reason. Weird. It makes that spot just a bit awkward for getting into the basement or out the back door to the garage (mostly because the fridge is in the way).

Ideally, the door to the basement would've been put on the other (large) wall instead of on the tiny wall toward the fridge. That way, there would be room for more cabinetry and the fridge without it being awkward to get in and out the door. *sigh* These folks just weren't thinking when they built the house I suppose (it's not like they didn't have refrigerators in the mid 50's).

Anyway, the Painting of the Kitchen is done, and I am incredibly sore. Garry and I both decided it would be a good idea to take some money out of our house fund to pay for me to get a professional massage. Yay! It also helps that our friend is an amazing LMT that runs her own business.

Next for the kitchen is hanging everything back on the walls and giving everything a deep cleaning. Once that is all taken care of (and we take a wee break from big projects) we'll be installing the track lighting, chandelier and possibly installing some new base and crown molding, plus casing for around the tile. Should be fun!

Oh, one *small* issue we noticed, the incredibly belligerent ivy that's growing on our house has now invaded into our basement. Yep. That's being ripped out and patched ASAP! (Go ahead, imagine me cursing at a seemingly innocent ivy leaf poking its happy little face into my basement)