Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don't fence me in

Last night Garry and I started working on the accent wall in the living room. Well, that is until we realized there is a huge hole in the wall that needs to be fixed (it was from when the house used to have forced air heat) before we started applying the texture stuff.

So, off to Lowes we went. We also figured that while we're there we could pick up some of the stuff for our chain link fence we're planning on installing this weekend.

Unfortunately for us, we didn't realize all of the components you needed for chain link. Our yard isn't huge (we needed 185 linear feet of fencing) but it still ran us close to $1,000. Originally we planned to spend about half of that.

Luckily, we have that money in savings. We didn't have enough room in the vehicles (and I didn't transfer money from savings into checking since I didn't anticipate the cost to be so crazy high) so we didn't purchase everything just yet. We did get the posts and cement, so at the very least we can put the posts in. If we have enough time over the weekend, we'll put the fence fabric up too.

Let's just say, it will definitely be a while before we start any other major projects! Those reserves need to be built up again!

We will end up being a few days behind with our living room project - mostly because the trip to Lowes last night ended with us being fairly exhausted and little energy to do much else than eat dinner and go to bed.

Tonight Garry is going to patch the wall and I believe tomorrow we'll be spraying the texture and painting. I'm not really sure.

I'll post a tutorial on fixing holes in drywall as well. It's one of those unavoidable things when you own a house - at some point, you're going to have to fix holes.

My garden is still hanging in there. Every day I'm worried I'm going to wake up and they'll all be chomped.

Oh! And apparently in my backyard (under the tree debris) there are some larger hyacinth and tulips growing! Awesome! I have no idea what color they are, but it will be a cool surprise when they do finally come up. After the fence is installed, I'll be spending next weekend rebuilding the mermaid shrine and moving some plants around. I also have some delphinium and casablanca lily that needs to be planted. It's going to be a gorgeous garden!