Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back splash complete! and now project Clean the Kitchen

The kitchen back splash is complete! I will have final photos and a tutorial for you tomorrow as we still need to buff out the tiles completely, clean the counters and put everything back where it belongs.

Thankfully, the kitchen is all finished now (except for small side projects) and we can finally give it a good scrubbing! About time too!

Storage has become a slight issue in our house. For some reason, Garry thinks it's perfectly okay to store his tools and stuff of that nature, in the pantry. A while back, I went through in a crazed fit and re-organized our pantry so I could actually see what was in there and noticed there were just a ton of tools, boxes of nails and other assorted bits in there. *sigh*

We also don't really have anywhere to put our vacuum and steam mop. They just kind of sit in the living room. No bueno. 

Once our roommate moves out at the end of the month, we can use that bedroom closet for the vacuum and steam mop (hopefully) and start getting everything arranged to some semblance of routine instead of the perpetual chaos that we seem to live in. 

I, for one, am not a huge fan of chaos. And yet, I still live continuously in it. 

The big thing on the agenda this week is to clean that kitchen. Meaning getting ALL of the construction equipment/tools/etc OUT of the kitchen (I'm looking at you Garry) vacuum, mop (probably more than once of each) getting a de-greaser and cleaning the cabinets, cleaning the fridge, taking down the curtains (and everything else on the walls) and then... finally... painting!

Painting is a weird obsession I have. For some reason I absolutely love the thought of putting a fresh coat of paint on a wall. I don't know why, because usually halfway through the project I'm tired and I don't want to do it anymore. But, the end result is usually something to be proud of and sometimes just a change of pace is nice. 

We have a few other projects as well that need to be completed in the next 3 weeks. Then, I think we're going to take a break from DIY for a while. Mostly so we can focus on the puppy, but I also because we're kind of DIY-ed out for the moment. (Meaning no more BIG projects for a while, I still have a MILLION little projects to complete from curtains, pillows, wall signs/artwork and gardening). 

Here's the list: 
  • Paint kitchen
  • Resurface accent wall in living room 
  • Paint living room and weird hallway
  • Very carefully dismantle the mermaid shrine in the backyard 
  • Demolish brick planters
  • Install fence 
  • Reassemble mermaid shrine 
  • Move floral curtains to bedroom
  • Bag up yard waste
  • Organize/redecorate guest bedroom (we might have like 3 days to do this before Tavis comes to visit, thankfully it should only take me an afternoon.)
  • Build fire pit
I'm also hoping that we will get rid of the crappy computer desk we have and bring in the much more sturdy desk that is sitting in the garage. I'd also like to organize the garage and the sun room, but I'm doubtful that will happen in the next 3 weeks without having to take time off of work. 

As far as the DIY project list for the rest of the year (what we have as of right now)... well let's just add the list above with this: 
  • Seal the basement
  • Grind stumps in yard 
  • Install drywall in attic
  • Install electrical boxes in attic 
  • Paint attic 
  • Install lighting in attic
  • Add rose bushes to front planter
  • Add perennial flowers to front entryway 
  • Pull out bushes in backyard, move what is necessary 
  • Plant bulbs around mermaid shrine
  • Fix front porch area 
  • Tear out invasive plants and shrubs growing too close to foundation 
  • Mulch garden
  • Seed yard (front and back) 
  • Possibly plant the shrubs/bulbs in the back yard 
On top of that, we'll need to have someone come over and cut down/grind the large pine tree in our back yard. At some point it was hit by lightning and you can tell it's dying. Having someone come over and do it would be great, and *hopefully* we could keep some of the wood to season and use in our fire pit. 

It's going to be the Year of the Yard apparently! I'm actually looking forward to getting in the dirt and planting a bunch of pretty flowers. I've never actually had a "garden" of my own, so this will definitely be interesting to see if it grows, or if it ends up being a total fluke.