Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crossing items off the list

We're finally working on crossing things off our list:
  • Paint kitchen
  • Paint living room and weird hallway 
  • Move floral curtains to bedroom  
  • Resurface accent wall in living room 
  • Very carefully dismantle the mermaid shrine in the backyard 
  • Demolish brick planter
  • Install fence 
  • Reassemble mermaid shrine 
  • Bag up yard waste
  • Organize/redecorate guest bedroom (we might have like 3 days to do this before Tavis comes to visit, thankfully it should only take me an afternoon.)
  • Build fire pit

Tonight we will be resurfacing the accent wall and painting it - then we're very nearly halfway there!

A bit of sadness though, I think there is a ban on actually using fire pits until May because it has been so dry up here. Boo! Hiss! I am not a happy kitty. So, we might be able to put off building the fire pit for a while since we can't use it anyway. 

This weekend we're hopefully going to be installing our fence. We decided to go with chain link since it's fairly economical, will do better at keeping critters out of the yard, and I'm planning on prettying it up with some dense, flowering vines and maybe a few other surprises. 

Another project I would like to get to is replacing the opaque curtains that were in the living room (and now in our bedroom) along with adding some really cushy throw pillows (ours are kind of flat and uncomfortable) however I'm not sure what colors to get. Maybe I'll just let inspiration hit me. (But not too hard I hope!)