Thursday, March 8, 2012

A change of heart... I mean paint

Well folks, we finally decided on some paint colors!

We decided to go with the Earth Elements collection at Lowes. We chose a taupey-grey green color (from the
"Air" collection) for the kitchen and then paint the living room the shade darker.

Yeah, I know, we *just* painted in August.

Something I've learned is that no matter how hard you plan or how many paint chips you tape up, sometimes you still will end up repainting. I should have known we would end up doing it again as we went through a similar situation at our old apartment. (We painted the living room a bright light aqua and I ended up repainting it a sage green and loved it)

I guess change is hard for this chica. As much as I thought I could love light aqua paint, I'm just not loving it in the living room anymore. Apparently, earthy greens is where I'm happiest in the living room. Well, at least now we know.

Oh, and the accent wall? Yep, we're redoing that too. :) It will look awesome when it's done. It's a secret though!

Of course, I'm hoping to finish all of this before my dear friends come in from London for a visit. Que hysterical fits of DIY over the next few weeks.

You can view my styleboard for the living room on Kaboodle here.

We already own the couch, clock and white curtains. I'm still not 100% sold on the dark tan curtains, but I'd like to find something in a faux dupioni (Christmas Tree Shoppe usually sells them for dirt cheap) in a similar color or in ivory. I'll be honest, I'm not planning on making any more curtains for a while.

Also, I'm hoping that we will (finally) move the computer desk somewhere where it won't be in the way. I just don't like it in the living room as it makes the room look really cluttered. Garry has eyes to make the current guest room the office, but I'm hoping he will concede to putting it in the attic. There is infinitely more storage in our attic and there's enough space for an office and a guest room (with the current guest room becoming a baby room down the road).

With the change in paint - we're going to be changing up some of the accessories in the living room too. I'm also hoping at some point to get this.

I think it will be gorgeous.

Garry isn't entirely on board, I'm not really sure why either. I think it will open up the space on that end of our living room. I was also planning on getting one of those tall vases (with jute or some other natural fiber wrapped around it) and get some tall stuff to put in it. How's that for technical terms!

We're also in the market for a new area rug. I'd really love a nice, fluffy flokati rug, but those can be a bit of a pain to clean. Something cream colored with a high-pile (otherwise the cats destroy it) will work.

The personality of the room is really going to come out in the accessories. We have a bunch of really nice pieces (and we finally hung my carousel prints!) so the background can be neutral instead of trying to compete with all of our fun things.

We'll be working on the back splash tile this evening! Here's hoping it's as productive as I'm hoping it to be!